Dwarf Hero...actually being a dwarf and other Khaziel gripes

I bought a dwarf hero avatar. I was quite happy with this, as there are very few good dwarf units end game (and by few I mean 0, with 1-2 being decent enough to use). Imagine my dissapointment when I found out that my dwarf doesn’t count as a dwarf.

When can we expect the option of making a dwarf hero count as a dwarf? Preferably also counting as a Khaziel troop.

I’m a big fan of the dwarves. I’ve got all Khaziel at legendary and maxed out. But I never use any of them because only only Ironbeard and the Apothecary are halfway decent, and several other units are just better at their job. Having a hero to work with them might make a dwarf team better…

…and finally, goblins are still end game capable. Dwarves aren’t. That’s such a bloody shame. Please do something to ‘fix’ this.

Something like a halfway decent unit. Like a cannon which is actually scary (currently all artillery is a joke). Perhaps doing extra damage based on enemy health? Or a redo of the slayer? Instead of killing himself he does skull damage to the enemy who killed him (traitstone upgrade). Or for the runesmith, allow him a traitstone upgrade to take away 1 magic accumulated from all enemies turn.

Basically something to make dwarves worth using.



You will have to wait until the Dwarven Class is coming with a Perk that the Hero is counting as a Dwarf for team bonuses, and possibly from Khaziel for team bonuses. I do say it is pretty much in the cards that a Dwarven Class will come in the future(mostly because the Dwarves needs some support as well). Only the Devs can confirm this tho.

That’s great news if you are right. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

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My best guess is that we will see a Dwarven Class mid/late 2017.

Nimhain has said that the dwarf and lapina avatar options were kind of a test run to see if purchasable avatar choices would be a good thing for the game. From what Sirrian has said, they weren’t all that popular. That doesn’t imply that there won’t be a dwarven class for the hero in the future. As Eika said, there probably will be at some point. But it does explain why your hero doesn’t count a a dwarf now - it’s strictly a cosmetic change.

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I could have told you that. Only real fans of the races would pay $5 for that. If they wanted it to make money they should have made the dwarf give +x gold and the bunny person +x experience. Maybe a vampire for +x souls. That way they’d get both the true fans and powergamers.


i love the idae but then it would become p2w, so no :frowning:


How would it be different from deathknight armor?

The issue should be expanded to be more than just dwarf.
The same goes for Human avatar, Elf avatar, Naga avatar… etc
Basically, it’s more intuitive that Race should be inherently determined by the Hero Avatar.


But then we’d be back to the old behavior that visual fluff modifies gameplay mechanics. I’m actually quite happy they decoupled that for armor, you no longer need to look a certain way to gain the benefits. I wouldn’t want my avatar to be required to look like a Dwarf just to make my Dwarf team more effective.

I would. Because right now you can have your elf count as a naga, your naga count as a giant, and your human count as undead. But your human can’t be a human, your Orc can’t be an orc, your rakasha can’t be a rakasha, etc.

I can have my dwarf count as an elf but I can’t have my dwarf count as a dwarf. That fills me with a well of eternal sadness.

thats only couse we are missing a couple of classes that would introduce the missing races perks.
(im sure they intend to eventually release a class for every race, dont worry)

but i would like a double race effect available for heroes:

  • one race comimg from the class
  • one race comimg from the graphic race chosen

so then you could become a dwarf/mech
or an undead/fey(lapina temporarely counting as fey or wildfolk?)
or a giant/elf XD

yet that would bring more p2w unless all the race graphics are available freemium as well and sadly they dont seem to have enough of funds to just generate more avatar graphics for free :confused:

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I love the double idea. Just make all hero races count as their race. Change the current classes, so elf becomes fey and whatnot. That’d really be great to have.