Dwarf Hero Class


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You know what might be a neat weapon? Dwarven Pick: destroy [magic-1 or something similar] chosen gems. Each gem is destroyed, then you choose the next one. Precise mining pick, precise board control.


That sounds like an annoying amount of clicking once your magic is reasonably high. Since it would be fairly trivial to set up multiple 4/5-matches this way, wouldn’t it be easier to just let the spell fill the mana of all allied troops instead? It’s somewhat less powerful due to missing out on all the 4/5-match activators, it does save some time though.


Prospecting Tools (10 blue/brown? whatever the color)
Transform brown into a random color

(takes the raw dirt, rocks and whatnot you just mined and extracts the actual minerals and valuable stones from it)


transform brown into a chosen color


Since dwarves mine for diamonds, why not have a gem drop when using an all dwarf team much like the treasure maps do currently.
As for the pick axe…change all gems to brown gems in the x formation.

Lmao, i really need to look at date on posts. Didn’t realize this was a year old


I don’t agree, I think dwarves are pretty potent, especially in gw at the top of the game.


This post is a year ago, it’s before Lady Ironbeard and King Highforge are a things. So I guess that Dwarf is not that good of a class back then.

But for a bit more spoiler side, a year later, we might actually got a Dwarf hero class soon. I wonder how I would be, Dwarf on Red GW day is a bit overpowered at is it…


dawnbringer dwarf team …ouch, but weapon colur bonus will surely be brown ? That won’t be qite as bad but i look forward to seeing what we can do with this.