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Let's talk about classes

well, what do you think about them? i don’t like the traits they give your heroes but i’m glad i can finaly field a knight that can be any color

Still going to take some time before we got it all figured out, just as in 1.08 it took some time to fully grasp every aspect - which then resulted in centaur scout and bone dragon. We’ll see…

What I dont like so far:
Warlord will work well with being another giant from broken spire, and since none of the giants from broken spire use red mana, warlord boosting mana on red weapons really gives some nice synergies. This is the good part. The bad part is that Knight has to use a blue weapon for the mana bonus, and all but a single knight from Sword’s Edge already use blue (blue yellow on Knight Coronet, blue brown on Griffon Rider, blue on Lance Knight. So Knight doesnt have as much potential as Warlord imho.

tl;dr: warlord good. knight bad, cause… reasons

yeah i hate that too but on the other hand i’m really excited about giving my hero virtuoso since i assume it synergize very well with wolf knight

Sorcerer = very good… and that’s without getting to 250 wins for the weapon (which looks rubbish) or even 50 wins for the Daemon type… +2 Magic, and gain Magic every other turn…

Priest was pretty good too, that continuous heal trait isn’t bad…

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Every class is decent in its own way. The only class of the current 7 that has no particular strong suit is Warden. Everything from its traits to its 250 weapon are horrible.

Overall, I would have to place Sorcerer and Necromancer as the best two. Sorcerer has the highest damage potential of any class. Necromancer is the only alternative to Valkyrie soul farm and has the best 250 weapon of the current 7 classes.

I’d add Knight to the list with Warden.

Definitely starting to feel the inconvenience of not able to switch class on the fly.
Sometimes I would suddenly get a good idea I wish to try out, and then get stalled by the fact that my Hero is in an incompatible class. Would really appreciate a feature to simply preserve the class setting of my Hero within individual teams.

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I think they should have given this week free change to all classes because you couldn’t figure what class you want to take before you unlocked all the classes and compared them which meant that in the end it was only one free change realy. Given how its a new thing they should give one weekend of free change.

That’s why I havent unlocked all classes yet. So I can easily switch when I figured out what I really want to use first by unlocking a new class


Necromancer is definitely nice to see as a Valkyrie alternative.

I went with Priest for a triple divine bonus Valkyrie/Mercy/Hero combo, which also gives a double Whitehelm bonus. Unfortunately, the only blue/yellow Hero weapon is Soul Blade, which lacks any sort of punch. For now, I’m using:

Knight Coronet
Hero(Prismatic Orb)

I have only unlocked 2 so far, and only just started trying out the Hero in PVP a bit, after my initial Arena binge, but I already have my reservations about a few things which seem mismatched as far as team and town bonuses (and synergies in general) are concerned.

  • Archer, the one Green class (so far), makes you native of FoT, which is meh, and eventually allows you to become an Elf, which is… horrible. I didn’t necessarily expect the obvious Marauder from Zaejin synergy, but even Fey or WildFolk would have been useful. There are like 5 Elves in the entire game, and only one from FoT (and it’s the once again awful Glade Warden)… :-/

On the plus side, Green! Also, the first two traits are pretty decent. The third one is a bit of a joke, though. Taking the Hero to PVP might be okay again, but expecting it to do skull damage is a tad too optimistic. ^^

  • Necro, contrary to all the other classes (so far), gives you a boost in Mastery for an entirely different color (Blue) rather than the one it’s supposedly all about, and whose weapons’ Magic it buffs (Purple)… Why?! :-/

On the plus side, Creeping Death is a great weapon. Also, Purple: But Sorcerer gives you that as well, and with a matching +20 Mastery boost, and with better Traits, it seems (the weapon seems more YOLO, though, even if it could be fun if it spawns a baby Abhorrat)… I should look into it.

Well, at some point the +20 mastery levels do not matter at all. Especially with the recently reworked mastery system which renders any stacking of mastery points virtually useless once you get like 50-60%.

I know, but it’s still weird. “Please use Purple weapons. Here’s a boost to Blue matches.” ^^

Also, I’m not quite there yet (close, though, 46-50% depending on the color).

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well, I havent tried most of the classes because I tried to unlock them all so I could know what perks and benefits they have, Certainly could have used a guide.

But judging from perks for me it seems like Sorcerer, Necromancer (alternative to Valkyrie) and Priest are the strongest out of the bunch.

I disagree that every class is good in its own way. I really cant find any use for Knight and Warden classes. Other classes clearly outshines them.

Now that the hero update has been out for a month or so (2?) what is everyone’s thoughts on the classes.

Classes brought the hero back to his former glory. Although the most powerful class seems to be the sorcerer, I prefer the priest or knight over sorcerer, because in other games I tend to play tanks.

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Wtf is this…


its the truth, the truth xD
necromancer needs a boost and/or a necromancy trait :slight_frown:
its litteraly a weaker and more lame version of sorcerer atm

I disagree there, Necromancer has a very nice role in gaining souls due to its third trait, which Sorcerer can’t fill.

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