New Hero Classes! Details inside!

So, I am a big fan of new content and I love to speculate:

Share your ideas for what the new Hero Classes (Deathknight, Titan, and Oracle) might have in store for us!

Perks, Traits, Colors, Class Weapons???

Any Speculation is GOOD speculation! :wink:

EDIT: @Ashasekayi found the details below and posted so, speculation is over, but as always, all spoilers are subject to change before release SO… Enjoy… for now. :wink:


Do you think Deathknight might bring necromancy to the hero class?

I am really intrigued by what Oracle might bring. I’m thinking along the lines of Enchanting and Mana Storms…

This was the last info I saw posted by Lyya a long time ago:

Legendary Ghulvania Knight
Crypt Keeper (14 Purple)
Deathmark an enemy. Deal [Magic + 1] true damage to all enemies below them, boosted by enemy Death Marks.
(Undead Bond, Warded, Deathly Aura)

Choose one Perk to activate: Unholy Armor, Dark Gift, Risen Knight
MAX Attack:14 Life:26 Armor:21 Magic:8
Magic Bonus when using purple weapons

Deathly Aura: Death Mark a random enemy on 4 or 5 Gem matches.

Uses Arcane Dark.

Legendary Divinion Fields Centaur
Staff of Visions (14 Purple)
Give an ally [Magic + 1] random Skill Points. Also give them Barrier and 3 - 10 random Mana.
(Centaur Bond, Invigorated, Portent)

Choose one Perk to activate: Vision of Health, Vision of Power, Vision of Home
MAX Attack:12 Life:32 Armor:19 Magic:8
Magic Bonus when using purple weapons

Portent: All Centaurs gain 2 Magic when an enemy casts a spell.

Uses Arcane Plains.

Legendary Stormheim Giant
Thorodin (14 Blue)
Deal [Magic + 1] damage to the first enemy, boosted by ally Giants. [5x]
(Giant Bond, Big, Giant Lord)

Choose one Perk to activate: Mighty Heart, Titan’s Strength, Giant Kin
MAX Attack:15 Life:30 Armor:16 Magic:8
Magic Bonus when using blue weapons

Giant Lord: All Giants start battle with 50% Mana.

Uses Arcane Blood.

PS: I put this in the spoiler category.

Also, happy forum b-day, @efh313! :tada:


Thanks for the info @Ashasekayi and the spoiler. I didn’t worry about blurring the NAMES of the classes since a dev dropped those in an official post. But this stuff definitely should be.

Ironically, this was EXACTLY what I was looking for, but my search skills pale in comparison to you oh mighty kitty!

Thanks again, Ash! :wink:

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Rawr. (And, you’re welcome. :smile_cat: )


Oracle looks extremely weak, Titan looks good in a good way, Deathknight looks bad in the worst way (may spurn one of the worst metas to date). Still holding out hope Deathknight’s third trait gets reworked before they are released…


I “assume” they already nerfed or plan to nerf Deathknight’s last trait.


I really hope they go another route with the Titan class weapon before release. Thorodin is a shittier Warlord’s battlecry (less damage even with the dependancy of 4 giants on the team and can’t be targetted), in addition giants really aren’t in need of just another meh basic singletaget spell…just saying.

They should rather make Thorodin something about heavy AoE damage or some added board control, or team buffing, strong status effects…whatever, you know any of the stuff that giants really have a giant(!) lack off currently.

As much as I like the idea of USING it… having it used against me is frightening enough that I MUST agree 100% with this. Its just not even reasonable… :frowning:

As for Titan… I may start building my team now! :wink:

Oracle needs to offer more… I like the class weapon but the third trait seems lack-luster when compared with Titan’s for example.

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I wouldn’t mind a 50% chance to death mark on 4 or 5 gem matches.

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What if Thorodin read as follows:

Select an ally: Explode Magic+1 gems of that ally’s color. If ally is a Giant, ally gains random status effect

That would provide explosion and status buffs which giants are missing…??

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If Deathly Aura doesn’t get changed I expect people to do this…


Why in the world did he took his hand over the mouth…made everything 10 times worse… :wink:


Because if he hadn’t vomit would have been spewing hilariously out of his sleeve!!! :scream:


Ah yeah i left out explosions on the long list of stuff Giants miss, and i like your Thorodin more than the one in the files already!

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Still would. The issue is that a single match 4 or 5 can cause you to lose a troop outright which requires a specific type of play and teambuilding that becomes grating over long periods of time. Doesn’t matter if its 50%, or 25%, or 10% all the way down until the point where people stop using it altogether. All this does is make it even less reliable on offense and even more irritating on defense.


Death Mark is just not a fun mechanic…
Or to be blunt:
Its hella fun on OFFENSE, when it procs,
but is rage inducing, vomit spewing madness on DEFENSE, when it procs.

Because of this juxtaposition of emotion, its a device that most players would simply rather not have in the game.


I would love for that trait to be removed completely but since that won’t happen a 50% to death mark is better than always death marking. I would actually prefer death mark just be removed from the game completely.


AMEN. :wave::+1::ok_hand::fist:

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No way for us to know if most do or do not want death mark in game. But, I like death mark. That said, I’m sure that the forum will blow up with rage if anything in the game get’s deathmark on 4+ matches. So, it would be better to just go ahead and nix it before the rage.

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