New Hero Classes! Details inside!

I apologize for my hyperbole and of course you are correct, my comment was more in reference to the forum community then full game community and we are all in agreement that Deathly Aura as is will cause HAVOC of the BD scale on the forums when/if it releases. :wink:

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I think it’s going to be worse than BD at least you can counter BD with Gorgotha and entangle but with Deathly Aura you are going to need a full team of impervious/warded.

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Or at the very least give a one turn grace period before DeathMark can proc to either give you an opportunity to Cleanse or win the match outright. DM on 4-5 matches will still be extremely strong even with that adjustment.


They need to do this anyway.


Yeah a 1 turn grace period should not even be in question.
Kinda surprised its not implemented yet… :thinking:


Latest pull has this. Not much, if anything, has changed. Either it’s all placeholder and there’ll be a big sweep over the datamined classes, or else the devs are comfortable with them as is, and have been for a long time.

Mythic Ghulvania Knight
Crypt Keeper (14 Purple)
Deathmark an enemy. Deal [Magic + 1] true damage to all enemies below them, boosted by enemy Death Marks. [3x]
(Undead Bond, Warded, Deathly Aura)
Choose one Perk to activate: Unholy Armor, Dark Gift, Risen Knight
MAX Attack:14 Life:26 Armor:21 Magic:8
Magic Bonus when using purple weapons

Deathly Aura: Death Mark a random enemy on 4 or 5 Gem matches.
Minor Magic Traitstone: 34
Arcane Dark Traitstone: 6 (Blighted Lands, Ghulvania)
Celestial Traitstone: 2

Mythic Divinion Fields Centaur
Staff of Visions (14 Purple)
Give an ally [Magic + 1] random Skill Points. Also give them Barrier and 3 - 10 random Mana.
(Centaur Bond, Invigorated, Portent)
Choose one Perk to activate: Vision of Health, Vision of Power, Vision of Home
MAX Attack:12 Life:32 Armor:19 Magic:8
Magic Bonus when using purple weapons

Portent: All Centaurs gain 2 Magic when an enemy casts a spell.
Minor Magic Traitstone: 34
Arcane Plains Traitstone: 6 (Divinion Fields, Silverglade)
Celestial Traitstone: 2

Mythic Stormheim Giant
Thorodin (14 Blue)
Deal [Magic + 1] damage to the first enemy, boosted by ally Giants. [5x]
(Giant Bond, Big, Giant Lord)
Choose one Perk to activate: Mighty Heart, Titan’s Strength, Giant Kin
MAX Attack:15 Life:30 Armor:16 Magic:8
Magic Bonus when using blue weapons

Giant Lord: All Giants start battle with 50% Mana.
Minor Water Traitstone: 34
Arcane Blood Traitstone: 6 (Mist of Scales)
Celestial Traitstone: 2


It used to have a 2 turn grace period, but was deemed “not deadly enough” so they went straight to 0. It’s overall a ~30% chance that a troop will die within 10 turns, only really a problem on unlucky rolls or dragged out fighting without cleansing. But everyone remembers those occurrences much more poignantly than when it faded away and did nothing.

My suggestion would be to make the Death Knight’s trait only deathmark the random opponent if that opponent isn’t at or above full health (i.e. life is displayed in yellow). That would:
A: Give a counterplay- if you don’t want to lose a non-warded/impervious troop, strive to keep them at full health.
B: Lessen the damage- if something dies from the Death Mark, it was injured anyway.
C: Fit thematically- Death Knight still has power to inflict his appropriate status, but only on this who aren’t quite literally full of life.

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Yeah, I remember the days of the two turn delay and it was too long.
I like your suggestion about DM only affecting character that are below GREEN health.
That does provide a unique counter play and gives a new role to those devoted healers who at this time really are under utilized due to a lack of need in the current meta/state of game. :wink:

Exactly this.

It used to be 2 turns and everybody complained it was too weak.

So they changed it to zero turns. Swung the pendulum the opposite direction so hard it went through the wall…

It should be 1 turn. It should have always been 1 turn.


I would prefer to see Death MARK act like, oh I don’t know, Hunter’s MARK…

Have Death Mark be a status effect that can be manipulated by other traits and spells. Like “Do 23 damage and instantly kill any troop with Death Mark” or “Do 10 damage to all troops. Do double damage to troops with Death Mark”.

I mean we’ve had this discussion before. “Marked for death” implies a condition in which death is coming at some point in the future. If it’s going to kill instantly then call it “Destruction” or “Disintegration” or “Poof, You’re ****ing Dead”.

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I still like the idea of Hunter’s Mark applied to non-front troops, redirecting skull damage to that other troop for the duration. It seems like an easy way to make Hunter’s Mark mean something when it’s on a troop other than the first.


I love this idea.

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That’s a great idea actually.

So I’m running with this idea for a moment. This makes it relevant when applied to other troops. Which right now it is wasted. BUT, what if All enemy troops are suffering Hunter’s Mark???

What if skull dmg is applied to All targets with HM??
Or if that is too OP
What if Dmg is equally divided effectively turning skulls into AoE if the enemy’s team is all under HM???

I think it would be sufficient to say:

“Marked troops take double damage from Skull Gems. Skull damage is redirected to the first troop that has Hunter’s Mark.”

That would fit in one additional sentence, cover many scenarios, and still give value beyond troop #1. It would mean that AoE Hunter’s Mark isn’t particularly useful, but I mean, it isn’t today, either.


Both are interesting ideas. Though I feel the simplest implementation is that Skull damage hits the highest troop in the order with Hunter’s Mark (eg if 2 and 3 have it, it will hit 2)

EDIT: Sniped by @Lyya


Why not even divide up the skull damage between each marked enemy?

Also an option, though to me, marking a target with crosshairs implies sniping it, which is more in line with burst single target damage. I think it could work your way as well, though.

Regardless: @Saltypatra, if there’s a list you’re keeping, consider changing Hunter’s Mark as suggested above please :slight_smile:


And changing the ramp for Death Mark from 0 turns to 1 turn. :wink:


Dwarf hero.

We already have giant, undead, elf, mech…we need a dwarf hero.

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