I Just Need to Ask about Class

Is there going to be a class where the hero will be regarded as a Wargare? I notice that there are a couple for dwarves, humans and undead but the wargares are just hanging in the wind. This is all I wanted to know. Thank you.

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currently no. maybe they’ll create a new feature one day.

there’s only 3 classes remaining, an Orc, an Elf, and a Daemon

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To be a teeny bit more optimistic (but probably wrong):

We can see game data a little bit ahead of time and use that game data to predict what’s coming. Most of the time, that data extends from now until around the time period of the next client data update.

That data currently indicates the devs plan to “run out” of classes before the next update. As in, there are 3 more class events planned, but beyond that none (or repeats), and there is enough data there should be more if they were planning future classes. The current speculation is they’re done with class events, and the next update will replace them with some new event, but there is no data for speculating what that event will be.

That said, there are reasons that might be inaccurate:

  • The data is fairly easy for the devs to update on the fly.
    • (But this would have to cross-reference with code, which tends to have bits about each class. I’m not sure how many spoiler people regularly disassemble the code to verify this.)
  • The devs could be planning a “season 2” of classes with a new event.
  • Lots of other ideas come to the imagination.

Yeah my friend that’s what I’m messed up about. The Orcs, Daemons and Elves all have their own class. The Wargares and the Constructs are the only ones getting no love at all when it comes to classes.

I certainly hope you’re right my friend. :blush: