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Imperial Deed Random Offers

By offering Imperial deeds and writs in random offers that are unique to individual players, now you can obtain a more powerful account than anyone else in the game through RNG. this is a massive disappointment and IMO a huge blow to the reputation of the game. please reconsider.
offering random power to a few players this way is equivalent to giving a new mythic that gets a 10/20 star kingdom, or enabling a new delve for a few players at random but no one else.

if you are offering writs/Imperial deeds you have to offer them to everyone equally.


So basically Chaos Orbs. :man_shrugging:


Kinda… but im specifically looking at things that increase your hero’s stats to a new maximum. we already had players with max ascended accounts before orbs arrived. and you can gain the same benefit by grinding(or buying) more keys(glory/gold/gems) and opening more chests. those are all available to everyone equally. even if you received only blue orbs, you cant gain more hero stats than everyone else in the game could through other means.

Considering the current landscape of GoW.
It’s hard to quantify… But having Zuul’Goth is definitely a game changer. More so at least than any Armor or life stats I’ll get from deeds.
Chaos orbs dictate who has ZG and who doesn’t.

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get in a guild that completes all events and additionally you can use gems (available to everyone in an unlimited supply) to get on the LB for power orbs and/or more chaos orbs. that makes Zuul available to everyone evenly. this is not about how much time or $$ someone has but only about what hard power increases are strictly obtainable or not. offering imperial deeds to some and not others gives an unfair advantage to some.

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The daily offers do not require the individual to be in a guild. They just have to be “lucky” enough to get the imperial deed offer. Just as with Chaos Orbs the individual has to be “lucky” enough to get ascension orbs.
Leaderboards for the most part require end gamer accounts. The deed offer does not. (as far as I know.)

Don’t get me wrong… There’s way too much RNG going on outside of matches and chests. All I’m saying is… it’s nothing new. RNG decides who gets the most power on accounts. Time and money just helps a person’s odds.


yup, yup, yup. RNG has alot of play on how fast you get to a maxed account for sure. but what this is about is having a more powerful account than anyone else in game and there is no way that anyone else could match that, no amount of play or $$. if someone with a totally complete account gets a random imperial deed, they can then have more stat points and more team bonuses than anyone else in the game on pure RNG. since ive been playing im pretty sure this is the first time this has happened. unfair advantage to some.

This entire topic basically does not apply to anyone without a completely maxed account. if someone with a “lesser” account gets some random imperial deeds or a pile of blue orbs it has no impact on the max possible power of a player.

GoW has alot alot alot of RNG, but it hasnt been a game to let one group be above others simply because RNG. changing ToD scrolls from random to fixed quantity per floors is a good example that was fixed and making the AB set for all players is another good example. these things were oversights that got changed to give all players an equal playing field. so why not the new “offers”?


I think you’re wrong about the “lucky enough”

It appears that offers are related to your account. Offers tend to relate to power level and things of that nature. Ogre’s got a max account… so he is seeing the imperial offers.

That logic would give maxed end game players even more of an advantage.


Yes its clearly favouring maxed or close to maxed accounts .

Except that I’m an end gamer and have’nt seen it once.

I haven’t seen one yet. And it annoys me. A lot.

I’m an end gamer & as of this post have seen zero Imperial Deed offers. So offers could give an unfair advantage not equally available to everyone? Okay, then give us a way to earn Writs.
We can’t craft shards (regular or chaos), but we can earn them daily through game play. Add Writs somewhere… Dungeons, Challenges, Ranked PvP Tier Rewards, or even Treasure Maps. Equal opportunity for all uncraftable sub-resources.


A rework to the rewards of treasure maps is way due. The different added resources need to be gotten from somewhere.
But I’ve read somewhere that it’ll ‘ruin the economy’ because endgame players have thousands or tens of thousands maps.
But what would we gain? An unfair advantage because we play more than others? Or (related to this topic) is it fair to randomly assign deeds/writs to some players but not others?


getting 1 imperial deed wont get you anywhere to have so much advantage than other players

getting 1 imperial deed every week will,

as long as these offers are extremely rare, this doesn’t change much -> 1 stat point differance isnt huge (even if it’s magic) at end game… getting good board has more meaningful effect on games than 1 bonus stat…

still looking forward to tresure hunt rework (rewards at least), current ones are a bit obsolete… endgame players benefit from gold and gems only as they dont need souls/keys/traitstones

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Replying back to this as I’ve yet to see any offers and some players have seen over 4.

Any thoughts on this? Is that just random chance?

This is a very unfair system. I’m end-gamer with all the resources, Imperial deeds are the main roadblock for me. I will buy any amount of Imperial Deeds if they will be offered to me, but oh wait, none Imperial Deed was offered to me since the release of daily offers. Lame design.

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i received 3 offers on this myself almost the first week after making the OP. and last week i got my 4th…
of course i enjoy it personally, but its wildly unfair.


dont remember if i seen an imperial deed offer (maybe one at most, reserved for vip6), but i was given few normal deeds and writs offers during the whole thing…
so it’s RNG based :wink:

Going by how the other offers show up it might require you to:

a.) Have a kingdom at an upgrade level where the next one requires imperial deeds
b.) Own enough colored deeds without owning enough imperial deeds to purchase that upgrade