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Please Fix Gem SHOP to make Deeds, Pets, Imperial Deeds, Writs FAIR for ALL 😎

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Screenshot or image:

I see other players regulary get Daily Gem SHOP offers for Deeds, Writs, Imperial Deeds, Pets. I don’t get any of these. I get useless stuff for me like the offer posted above…everyday.

Please fix the Daily Gem SHOP Rotation and make the rotation of offers consistent and fair.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I expect the RNG creating the Gem SHOP offers to even out and yet I get NO offers for deeds, etc and other players get them every few days!

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?.

Consistently the same offers as the image above. Everyday since gem SHOP released.

Steps to make it happen again
@Sirrian @Nimhain, check the offers I’ve received since launch. Let me know if you want me to give you the names of other players how have received multiple Deeds, Writs, Imperial Deeds, Pets offers versus me.



Since I’ve Maxed all Delve Factions to 2500, All Classes to 100, All Kingdoms at current MAX levels, and ALL Troops Mythic, All Kingdoms with 2 Mythic Pets, ALL Weapons available to me Obtained and upgraded Fully, I really think you should FIX the SHOP to offer the only thing I need. It’s crazy that your RNG gives me NONE of what I need and yet it hands it out freely to some other players.

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Just to show you how much I don’t need the offers the SHOP provides, I will provide screenshots just for Today’s Useless Gem Shop Offers to ME. :blush:

Absolutely don’t need any Delve Shards
IMG_0124.PNG IMG_0125

Absolutely Don’t need Crafting and Nothing Left to Craft -and- TONS of Keys so no need for Offer 2 or 3 Today…

No need to post other stats as Devs can see them in game and players can see them on GOWDB.com

Bottom Line, DEVS, please make the offers in the Daily Gem SHOP Fair. You promised they would be tailored to player levels and needs. Please don’t offer ME any more Ingots when I own all weapons, have upgraded all weapons, and have TONS of ingots! another example

Please fix Daily Gem Shop so players with similiar LEVELS to @NowayJoe2Go get a similiar amount of Deeds, Writs, Imperial Deeds, Pets! Don’t ignore your Beta Feedback on Deed-Equality in Tasks and Shops :heart: and please don’t disrespect your paying customers like me with uneven and unfair treatment in our ability to buy items with GEMS!!!



This is a screenshot posted from Druids Alliance. This player gets many Imperial Deeds and Deeds offers. LOOK TODAY THEY GOT 2!!!

WHY I GET NONE? :frowning_face:

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Wow, that does seem like the RNG is not working as intended. I’ve gotten a lot of offer I just laugh at since the gem price is so outrageous or the items just aren’t needed. I sympathize with you on this and hope they can address this.


From 2 days ago…

If you’re really willing to pay 300 gems for 2 colored deeds, they realllllly should be selling to you.

I didn’t buy any of that.


Honestly there isn’t much you can do against RNG besides improving the odds which has other consequences I would presume, but I would throw a suggestion to the devs.

Maybe creating a so called “Pity timer” system for Player Level Offers where a number of days/offers without a specific offer the chance for that offer would increase, like the buff/debuff timers really.

For example for Imperial Deeds offers you’d get base chance of 1% and an increasing 3% per day without offer which would guarantee an Imperial Deed offer per month.
For regular deeds, if you don’t have Kingdom Power Offers (which indicates you’re late end-game) a base 10% chance with an increasing 10% per day.

That would keep some randomness (and yes some lucky players would still get more than others) but it would guarantee some rewards and avoid frustration at days/weeks without anything interesting.

P.S. All the suggested numbers are just for show please don’t lynch me!

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I am in the same boat as the original poster.
The only offer interesting for me are deeds and writs ones.
And if you are maxed on everything you can, i think you should have bought them. This is what will make a difference between players stats. 300 gems is pretty much nothing when you have nothing to spend them on.
I did not get a single imperial deeds proposed, even if this is pricey, i would buy it immediatly.


I’m so far behind on Imperial Deeds that I don’t need the regular Colored Deeds. I have few colors where I have over 30 deeds, but no Imperial Deeds to reach Kingdom level 14/15.


This should be moved to feedback not bug report.

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@NowayJoe2Go May have a point and shop deals could be bugged. We don’t all get the same offers, and the offers we do get are based on what we have, and that’s ample opportunity for a bug to appear.
Certain troops have been missing from drop pools before, NJ2GO having almost everything maxed may be one of those edge cases they didn’t test good enough.


Shop is bugged
Or player is bugged by shop


Congratulations, you’ve beaten the game. Do you really need anything more?


Only a place to spend (not waste) resources


Yeah, I don’t know how many of the Daily Gem SHOP offers I would / could afford to buy with gems, but I don’t think the shop is working correctly or as intended.

Given all the feedback Devs received about Deeds, I think they should honor it, especially if they are selling items to us.

I am tired of seeing the same offers each day. I look forward to see something I need each day in SHOP, but NONE! Yet there are still plenty of items in SHOP that I still need.

As a True End Gamer why does SHOPPING have to be totally useless for me each day in GOW? :fire:


Most successful RPGs have some sort of item you must obtain to be just a little more powerful than those without it in the end game. Usually it’s a weapon or piece of armor. Getting this item could require a long series of quests that takes months, or perhaps you must defeat a challenging boss that requires the help of dozens of other people. Perhaps you must gather a large list of rare items. At the end you should really feel like you accomplished something.

I spent some time thinking of what the worst possible way a developer could implement this into their online game and this is what I came up with.

A player logs in each day. They will have a small chance of simply purchasing a piece of the item they need. This chance will be different for every player based on whether they completed or failed to complete some arbitrary task, which will never be explained and virtually impossible for the community to figure out. And the item would have to be as lame as possible, such as a piece of paper.


At the costs these offers are coming up I rather keep most of my gems to myself…


Agree that the shop is to randomised.
One way of dealing with it is to add more offers. Some of the offers would be the same for everyone but they would cover the playerbase. Offers that would be the same ex. 1 offer each day with (same for everyone) wriths/deeds, 1 with the (same for everyone) tokens/medals etc. You can still keep the individual offers toward kingdom progression but they would be obsolete once a player has unlocked everything. No harm no foul.

On a sidenote i really hope they plan on realising some new dawnbringer/zuul Type content. In a couple of months i will be in the same situation as The author and the only thing to strive for then is more Medals.
Kinda miss that hunt

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OK, I see some do not believe this is a Bug Report? Here are 2 more data points. Please keep in mind I see this repeat almost EVERYDAY so this is just 2 more useless offers for a true End Game Player.

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It’s worth noting I’ve never seen an Imperial Deed offer, Pet Offer, Magic Deed offer, or Anu Medal offer in Daily Gem SHOP.