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Deeds as often as legendary troops, Imperial deeds as often as Mythic troops.


Considering how much they value Deeds in Epic Tasks, there’s no way they would implement Deeds in any decent way in Legendary Tasks that doesn’t feel like its watering the LT rewards down.

On top of that, regular deeds don’t mean much without Imperial Deeds and considering how much the devs value Imperial Deeds, there’s no way that’s going to end well. Say we went with Imperial Deeds is worth 1 mythic suggestion above. Guilds will lose out on 3 mythics before finally getting any real value out of IDs gained. There’s always the issue of how scarce mythics are from LTs. Apply the same logic if Imperial Deeds were a thing.

Its just not worth it in the current environment.

As much as I’d want Anu and Nysha medals, I’d feel the same way on the exchange rate.

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I wasn’t suggesting that the imperial deed would replace a Mythic troop, only that it could have a similar drop rate.

I don’t like the idea. Few people have access to legendary tasks and the ones who do, don’t need yet another way to get further ahead from those who don’t.


Writs in treasure hunt!

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If we start getting 5 writs in legendary tasks, then I’m blaming original poster :face_with_monocle:

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If you edit the OP then the poll is reset. Can always change other text to make the thread redundant too :wink: