Deed Usage Table

Given that we are actually acquiring deeds now, I looked for something like this; didn’t find it, so I made it.

Complete table here, which has separate sheets for sorting by each column. The pic shown above is sorted by kingdoms that have factions and then magic kingdoms on top; it currently has most kingdoms (pic last updated for Duergaroth).

Updated for Wyrmrun.


Given that the bonuses from Kingdom Levels 11-14 are very niche, I would advise against actually using any deeds until a specific need arises (i.e. you’re aiming for a faction completion or you’re using a full Whitehelm team etc) or until you have enough to get to lvl15. I mean, yeah, we can drop the first purple we see on Darkstone if we really want, but it isn’t going to do anything! (And we’d feel pretty dumb afterwards if we had a more immediate use for those deeds, even if it was half a year later…)

Take it up with the devs for making something so … ugh I can’t find the words without being impolite.


Thanks @Shimrra!

So the first deeds (brown) available from AB don’t aid any existing faction?


Of course they don’t. The developers are not only going to control what we get and when we get it, but also whether or not what we get is useful.

I expect to see purple the least and not for a long time, because the devs tightly control magic gains. Without Zuul Goth, darkstone is the only magic kingdom that use eligible for power level 10 currently. Purple will be the deed version of ascension orbs, and probably priced highest in flash offers.

They’re likely to make sure we get what we needed after we need it if we don’t pay for it, and what we need the most dead last


btw, OP, thank you for that! Made my life a little easier today!

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Thank you for your work, Shimrra! I was looking for something like this after getting the deeds and not being sure where they should go. I resigned to holding on to them for now since there are no brown Kingdoms that have a faction yet!

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New video from Tacet!

What’s funny is that based on the info I have seen in the forums, the next two factions don’t use brown deeds either. Well, hopefully by that time we should have gotten other color deeds. I really want to see how much of a difference maker the 50% hoard bonus is for the factions vs faction battles.

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Nice, thanks @Shimrra!

I already liked this post when you posted it… but I really have to say thank you! Super helpful :slight_smile:

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I notice they are once a week on adventure . Its not enough , they could added treasure hunt, for getting a vault . Treasure hunt is coming a lost game.

Seems to me that once rng doesnt hit us for a full week with any deeds, devs triger it on Monday. So it mostly seems its going to average around once every week.

thx for the table.

Updated for Wild Court. The spreadsheet, not the picture. I’ll do a bigger picture with a few more updates.


Updated for Mirrored Halls.

Updated for Frostfire Keep.

I was messaged about this being cloned and updated since I didn’t do it fast enough. In future please just ask me to update, I am usually here.


Great work man, really appreciate it.
Please update your awesome Deed Usage Table with Werewoods

Done. Updated for Werewoods, also updated the pic in the thread (all factions and magic kingdoms).


Updated for Lyrasza’s Lair.