Buying orbs of chaos

I’d gladly be willing to spend A REASONABLE amount of money on orbs and major orbs or chaos naturally it wouldn’t be unlimited so I was thinking maybe 5 reg. orbs of chaos and 3 major orbs of chaos per month so players can still have a chance of getting an orb they need however I would hope these orbs would have a greatly reduced chance of landing on growth


You already can buy a few orbs a month through flash offers.

yes but flash offers are tied to the player’s account so while you may have an orb of chaos in a flash offer other may not this one would be in the shop so everyone would have access to them

I mean the sale flash offers everyone gets like the calendar we have going on now. They put wisdom / accession / clan orbs in there for sale. Buying chaos orbs… recipe for disappointment because orbs of growth rates wont change.

even so, there are still those with more money than common sense that would buy them


If this happens, there should also be a way to buy them for gems or some other material.

This suggestion will never happen.

Are you suggesting random Orbs or specific Orbs?
In any case, we got something similar already.

Orbs are all about zuul if you are a serious player. That takes gem commitment, time commitment and event commitment. The LB is where you need to be. Making orbs saleable reduces the achievement of earning zuul.

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