Orbs bundle in store

With the ridiculous amount of orbs needed to craft zuul i think a orb bundle similar as the traitstone bundle in the store would be nice

It’ll never happen but if they would have one of the weekly Legendary Bundles as:

1x Legendary
1x Orb of Power

Have nothing else in this bundle (and Limit 1). I’ll bet a lot of cash would be inbound.

If someone would be willing to spend $400 over an eight week period just to get one troop - more power to them I suppose. And it’ll help keep the lights on and food in the devs belly :wink:

Lol how many $$ in gems you think #1 leaderboard spended?

For now they use their banked ressources but soon everyone will get no gems and then it will be very lucrative for the devs

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I’m afraid to find out how many Gems was spent by the person to get that #1 spot. And how much time was spent in total trying to get that? The mind boggles…


But seriously i don’t think power orbs should be sell, they need to be won or crafted

What i am suggesting is only put minor orbs in the shop so you still need to craft major and then craft power orbs to get zuul

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If you think people are complaining about pay to win now just think if they did that! Would be a very bad idea how ever they really need to do something about Zuul as right now it is nearly impossible for anyone to get him in the life span of this game. This game will be long gone before we ever see 3 of them in the wild at the rate he is able to be crafted currently.

Well it’s already a P2W we just need to live with it now so put the orbs in the shop and reduce the gems prices :slight_smile:

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They already have similar orb equivalents in the store.

Orb of Growths = Souls for gems, Daily Souls, some of the packs, some of the glory packs
Orb of Wisdom = Lower Traitstone packs, Arcane Traitstone packs, Glory troops, other packs
Orb of Ascension = some of the lower troop packs, Kingdom Bundle, Legendary Troop
Orb of Clans = Guild seal bundles

The difference is those packs won’t help you get Zuul :wink:

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YUp if only we could craft orbs with stones :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks like someone didn’t look under the “other” tab in the forge.

I have looked under other you still need minor orbs which as far as I know are not something you can purchase at this time unless this option is not on the PS4?

The real point of Zuul’goth is to give high-end players a carrot at the end of a long enough stick they can’t get it in a week, while also making it accessible to mid-game players. To that end, orbs and ZG work pretty well.

If you want orbs, you have to open portals. If you’re in a high-end guild, you’ll get “the most” orbs. So even the “low performers” in guilds that can hit the orb portals are making progress towards ZG. That’s pretty cool, ignoring whether the players want Zuul’goth.

If they’d have just made it cost “a lot of souls” or other currency, a bunch of people would already have it and it’d be just as out of reach to average players as Dawnbringer. Orbs are the only currency endgame players can’t have already hoarded.

So selling them caters to the idea of “pay 2 win”. The people who spend money will get a big jump on the people who don’t. It’s nice that there are some parts of the game where money can’t buy happiness, in my opinion.

On another hand, the function orbs serve is very hard to price with respect to other currencies. Some of the orbs are worth more than MULTIPLE $50 bundles alone. I like to bicker about if those $50 bundles are worth it, but trying to imagine the real-dollar value of an orb cost via the devs’ valuations leads me to believe the “appropriate” cost would be insulting.

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You do know that they estimated time of acquiring zul is something like 2 years is what I seen somewhere else on these forums… TWO YEARS I’D YOU GET ALL ORB IN 1ST PLACE. Now that was before invasions were out so let’s cut that down by half… ONE FULL YEAR… that’s a mighty long freaking stick with a tiny ass carrot on it.

it might be a little less then 2 years depending of your luck with orbs of chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, well let me hop my a$$ on the band wagon and take out a first,second AND third mortgage to see of I can come close to getting him in that time frame… or maybe I’ll go play something else, let’s see what happens first.

When I see ridiculous numbers like that, I tend to assume it means there will be orb distributions above and beyond what I’ve seen in the less-than-2-weeks since they started being distributed.

If the devs prove me wrong, I’ll be cross. But they could easily have already introduced $75 orb bundles and haven’t. I can’t accuse something you can’t buy with money as being “pay to win”. I also don’t really believe “if you pay us weekly for 2 years you get a trinket” is anything approaching “pay 2 win”. The rewards for p2w have to be substantial and immediate.

NOTHING in GoW is substantial if immediate.