What can you do more with power orbs!

Hi Everyone,

I have crafted Zuul, and E. Kurandara and know that you can use a power orb to full trait/level/ascension a troop with it (imo not a power orb worth) and yeah I see more Zuul’s or EK’s but Im happy with 1 of them.
So does someone know if in future come new troops in soulforge where you need Power Orbs for or are there other things / idea’s where you can use them.

It would be great if a power orb can make a pet Mythic and full leveled

No plans to do anything other with them that devs have confirmed. Many requests but dev silence

Hi @kamosloki,

Okay thanks, hopefully it will in future reach the dev’s!

When I was putting all my Delves to 2500 I was deperate for Treasures as I needed very high hoards for some of the tougher ones.
I made Treasures from orbs in the Soul Forge when I ran short of Chaos Shards

An usefull way to get higher in your hoarding Level and lower your number of green M orbs!

I crafted a second Zuul as that can still be nice for explore 12. Anything more is just for bragging.

I fought 4 Zuul once in PvP and it was a very easy to defeat team because they couldn’t get mana fast enough.

Hang on to orbs of power - don’t craft any of you don’t need them, obviously.

We may get another boss troops someday, who knows? Otherwise the orbs look nice and shiny in the collection. :joy:

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:joy: Hi @sylverscale I must always laugh with the teams of 3 mythic’s and mythic weapon with giant mana blocks! But they let know that they have it all LOL
I like to create builds out of the box the not standard builds there so many troops/ weapons next to the mythic’s who pair so good with each other that they blow away a full mythic team.

What’s on GW bracket 4/5 PS4 awesome that you dont have the team they expected, I find it pretty boring to battle to 3 or sometimes 4 times the same AI team.
I have heard that in the highest guild there is a strong recommendation for what DEF/ ATT teams been used in GW
That doesn’t fit by my play style, tips advice and share team options awesome I love to learn and try coz Im absolute not a awesome great player a reason Im not join a full GW related guild
That have been said, I have much respect for those Guilds/Players, want let we well they haven’t reach the top by present!
I realize real good that strategy is needed in reaching and keeping those high brackets!
but its not my way to stay satisfied, keep pleasure and challenge in my game!

Maybe I thnik over a second Zuul ever… But for now, I like the shiny collection :rofl:

That would be nice, the future will tell us or not :joy:

At one point we all thought that more troops would come to the forge that used orbs, but it never happened. I think at this point the main hold up is they only have so many mythics they develop, and those fill the need for the monthly, and campaign mythics. I don’t think they have the enough people working to launch a full set of mythics that require power orbs. On top of that, they know that a vast majority of active long term players are sitting on so many orbs that the moment they put them in the forge, everyone crafts all of them. I think the best example of their issue with long term players and trying to keep them on the hook is the hoard mythic. It forced everyone to grind, with no kept resources instantly gaining the new troop. (so part of my thinks if they ever do add more troops that need orbs of power, they will add a new resource that we will need so that it will slow long term players getting new mythics)

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Based on the crap that they push as “mythic” each month, I’m not sure that they have the creativity or understanding of their own game to create a boss troop that is viable and fun to use (like Zuul).

Only by “accident”, I guess. :joy:

I guess it’s part bragging rights, part bored of sitting one all those orbs (and souls).

I’m sure they know the team will get easily beaten. It’s not bad, actually, to lose your pvp defenses - revenge battles are good. :grin:

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It doesn’t seem they care that much about long-term players. Hoard mimic is just for the collection (and kingdom stars) as it doesn’t add anything of value to the game. Drenza is meh.

If that’s their idea of stuff for veterans then they have no clue. But we’re not surprised by that, I suppose.

You’re probably right, though

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Hi @foxdvd,

Im a long term player since I became housebound and since 2018 not missed a day but I cant afford to use much real money in game and lucky enough Im not a person who wants to have everything what others have and im very patience in getting mythic’s the first 2 years I think just a handful mythic’s last 2 years think most coz Im now in a great guild where every week the statues reach L 12 I have get much Mythic’s.
Imo is it like gambling you need very much play hours a good guild, patience and lots of luck to get without paying frequently mythic’s.
But with the Hoard Mimic I was the lucky one my first L5 explore battle in a vault weekend I got the Mimic and the Hoard mimic to defeat and there was the Mythic while other guildies who miss lesser than 5 troops still havent got him… and that not that they play not enough they have had so much HM battles but got only the tokens x 5
I save my power orbs and will see what future brings.

Hi @sylverscale,

Lol you write my thoughts but are much faster okay and shorter than me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:
I havent craft him yet coz I find it for now not the recourse worth.

Hi @Raistlin,

Yeah, I find the difference between mythic’s very big some are real great while others not even come close by a not even so high legendary and looks nice for complete your collection but then is 1 of each enough! I wish that they could do something on that not more of 3 or for the big person’s under us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: at 4 that you then not can pull that mythic any longer some you can use 2 in a team and let it still working pretty well but tbh im not the kind of player with double in my teams is that smart I dunno but Invasion the weapon and 3 battlecrasher nehh that is not working for me I get bored and lose my pleasure in my battle’s.
Yeah, I know it probably reduce my battle time, but I have no rush and love to battle and also there are so much teams to create with all the troops we have that its to simple to choose the easy way LOL

I crafted Drenza which is okay - kingdom stars.

I regret the I crafted all the weapons, though. Should have used the runes for forge scrolls first. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, true only Im struggle with the mythic pets, so after I have them I craft him :wink:

I find it real pity that the cursed weapons needs to be leveled by forge scrolls and tbh I dont see that I craft soon 1 coz I havent not yet all doom weapons and every ToD there is a new one and have to level a lot of them to max and with my very low pop-up cursed gnomes and once in the 10 weeks a ToD its real long term to reach this goal so Im gonna save my cursed runes and take your tip first craft forge scroll’s :innocent:

The Power Orbs thing is a be careful what you wish for thing. They can easily overdo releasing things that require Power Orbs and unlike other resources, Power Orbs isn’t one you want to be chasing hundreds/thousands of.