Put Orbs in the Store for us to buy

I like to be able to buy orbs of all types in the Gems of war in game store, with good deals like buy 1 Major Orb of Wisdom and get 50 growth orbs free. Or 1 Ascension and 50 Growth free for a affordable price like $12.00. And i would pay 49.99 for 10 Orbs of Power. Just like to buy orbs of all types for a affordable price. Here is a good deal idea. Buy two get one free + 50 growth. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Nothing is reasonably valued
I think they’d let u buy 1 orb of power for $99.99 and claim its 50% off at best


Power orbs (+gems) were on sale twice for $50. I dont think it will get cheaper than that


Personally I totally disagree with power orbs being available for cash. The sole purpose of porbs is zuul (for most players) and before potions, decent players could secure an orb or 2 from event LBS because perhaps a small amount of skilful board reading and strategy were involved. Potions turned events into yet another mind numbing grind…no strategy required. Events have become a wallet party of gem spenders. Aren’t you getting the picture? They want everyone to spend to get the rewards. Game enjoyment is of no importance with this mindset. They want you to buy zuul and thus remove the sense of achievement of actually getting him for real. Hollow victories are seldom satisfying.

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