Power orb should give elite levels

There have been numerous suggestions for how to improve the power orb (I searched before making this thread to see if anyone had suggested this before). I’m sure the devs can see how many are ever actually used, and I GUESS they have it balanced in a way that makes them the most money from people buying gems to chase leaderboards, BUT I can say personally that since I’ve crafted zuul, I value chaos orbs at a very low number of gems anymore, and power orbs are basically worthless (the only orbs I care about are green and purple…) I may some day craft 8 more power orbs for a 2nd zuul as a flex, but I’m certainly not going to chase that goal with my wallet.

HOWEVER, if using a power orb added the gold elite upgrade on top of mythic ascension, level 20, and 3 traits, I would very much continue to chase those orbs for that purpose. Getting a mythic to gold-elite costs either 6 nysha medals or 5 nysha and 3 anu… vs the orbs that would otherwise be piling up uselessly in my inventory.

I guess the problem would be that too many veteran players could just immediately craft dozens if not hundreds of power orbs to convert into elite levels, so this will probably never see the light of day. But a Log can dream… Heck, I’d even be happy if a power orb added only a single elite level, so it could be used to boost from silver-to-gold.


Sadly power orbs and most orbs in general are just another worthless commodity once the zuul grind is over. This in a way means most events become irrelevant to the zuulers other than to help their guildmates or to add another unimaginative weapon to their collection. That’s why we have campaign… an ill conceived idea to keep the zuulers active and spending cash. In some cases it may work and in some it may not. My zuul cost zip and as long as I stay in this game kurandara and everything else will cost zip. The game is too easy now; potions, world medals and so on mean almost all challenge and brain engagement is gone. Kinda like playing solitaire when you already know how to win. This game is ruined now.

Ha ha, excellent troll. You had me almost believing your post until I read thought it again. Bravo :rofl:

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So, this is off topic, but here’s my suggestion to you: Build teams you enjoy playing. I also have very little left to grind for, and so my motivation has been falling, but there are certain combinations of troops that remind me what I found fun about the game in the first place. It doesn’t have to be the absolute fastest, team, or the most gold per minute, or win in pvp against every meta defense… but if it’s fun, it can keep you coming back. Here are a few suggestions from my personal stash




I can’t promise that you’ll find these particular teams to be to your preference, but they get my juices flowing. Good luck transitioning from the stage of the game where you chase every reward to the one where you have to find your own challenges and adventures… and in the end, remember: it’s a game. If you don’t find it fun, don’t play.

Hey, 800-1000 souls per green orb every time new troops come out, what’s not to like? I have hundreds of troops that aren’t yet at gold elite, and at 60k souls a pop, there’s quite a grind ahead of me…

Yeah I could cash in a few green orbs a month to save souls but I still only care about blues. At least each blue saves me at ~ 500 gems on events.

I’m actually still hoarding my blues. I keep thinking they’re gonna create another troop that will have similar requirements as Zuul.

I definitely thought this suggestion would make sense when elite levels were first added, but then they introduced Nysha medals and Power Orbs at the same price point in Flash offers, so idk if they’d go for it :thinking:.

Maybe just to Bronze for a Mythic, Silver for a Legendary, Gold for anything else, if you happened to do so? Probably too complicated a solution, though.

I think it’s obviously symbolic that the (generally accepted) two most valuable orbs are blue and purple, the colours that make up a Madness Storm!!! Madness!!!


that’s basically 40 seconds of soul farming

I rather stare at my collection of green orbs


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The game was so much more fun in the old pre potion etc days when I was newish. Beating ur 1st paragon was cool, event LBs meant something and the joy of winning a power orb at the death was cool. And it didn’t cost you tens of 1000s of gems to do it. Potions killed all aspect of skill in events, with the possible exception of factions where they are necessary. And now the challenge of wars is being killed off due to whether or not you’ve got the medals, ,ET stat boost, campaign stat boost, faction and kingdom stat boost blah blah. There is not one aspect of this game where a level playing field exists and that means no challenge and no fun. Dull tedious time consuming monotony remains with as many cash lure “opportunities” as u could shake a stick at. Where did it all go wrong?