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Flash Deals could also apply for the Chaos Orbs or in the Store!

I am requesting a much sought feature that would definitely encourage players to spend more money.
This suggestion should be seriously considered and implemented sooner rather than later.

Flash Deals could be offered if you obtained a regular or Major Chaos Orb.
Flash Deals would be valid for the next 24 hours and can only be used once, not several times in a row.
If the Flash Deals can stack or not, that’s up for you to decide.

Example 1:
If you just obtained the Orb of Growth, you could be offered the same Flash Deal, just like Flash Deals are offered now. Same goes for the Orb of Ascension and the Orb of Wisdom.

In case if you opened several accumulated Chaos Orbs, all at the same time, then the Flash offer would offer you a Combined Package of these Orbs.

Example 2:
The Major Orb of Growth, the Major Orb of Ascension and the Major Orb of Wisdom that you obtained during (special) events, would pop-up as Flash Deals as one combined package.

The other possible option is that you include a weekly deal in the Store, labelled as Regular Chaos Orb pack, and the Major Orb Pack. The limit is one pack for each player. Each pack would contain one Orb of each type.
The contents of the Orbs should NOT be randomly decided when you buy them in the Store!

I strongly suggest excluding the Orb of Clans, the Major Orb of Clans, and the Orb of Power.
These Orbs need to be earned or crafted normally, in order to achieve balance and constant game play.

In order to avoid or limit possible abuse, you could also introduce a weekly limit (7 days) cool-down period for the Flash Deals and/or the Store for the Orbs, to avoid the issue of constantly buying resources for the so-called Zuul’Goth card.

Kind regards,

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I have to vote against this idea. If you introduce a way to buy orbs that is the definition of pay to win.

You should have to earn your orbs through gameplay not buy them.

But that’s my two cents.

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The process is entirely based on player’s choice.
You don’t have to pay for it, nor buy it, but you can if you want.
It’s not P2W option as well, because it’s optional.
If there would be no other way to get the Chaos Orbs, then it would fit the P2W definition.