Gems team I can help you make money

I promise this will make you more money. Replace the final orb of power in the 24.99 campaign pass with one large pet orb or weapon orb…or maybe even one of each. There is zero reason for most of us to have another orb of power. Your welcome …Take the extra money you make and give yourselves a nice bonus…

Careful, this is how you get a major orb of ingots.


Theyd lose money.

Every new player and possibly every player under level 1200 wants power orbs for zuul.

If you swap for a forge or pet orb, only the middle lvl players want these.

Top lvl players have most doomed weapons and pets maxed anyway.

Yes im a middle player probs like you, so pet and forge orbs are what i need.
But il grind vault.

I pay for campaign but only so i dont wait 3 months for mythic. I wouldn’t pay extra for things i can farm in vault.

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This right here is true, and unless players have 4 of every single troop that requires power orbs, I don’t see this happening, especially if they want to fully upgrade their troops with power orbs. Some things that are useless to some are useful to others.


“ Top lvl players have most doomed weapons and pets maxed anyway.”

This is not true. Most have only doom weapons and cosmetic pets left to max.


My point is…a new player can get Zuu now in 6 months. Maybe 3 if the hit two gnomas in that time frame. This was not the case before the vault event. Orbs of power are not worth near what they use to be. Heck we can even get one now with each of these events we are getting for a very small gem investment. Anyone actively playing the game will find zero use for the orb of power in 6 months…maybe 9 months if they are unlucky.

There are people who have played the game for 5 years that are not even close to maxing doom weapons and pets. Those two new orbs are WAY more valuable than an orb of power. If you are a brand new player maybe the 24.99 pass is a good deal, but I would argue there are a lot more players that play that already have both orb of power troops who see ZERO reason to spend the extra 14.99. Of those players if the final reward was one of each large new orbs (minus the orb of power) more would buy it.

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I hope this is the case for me, but in less than 6 months… damn the grind is tough :joy:

I still don’t have Zuul after 6 years. And I’m doing 3500 trophies per average each week, so I’m quite active. :anguished:

I found 3 orbs of power in 6 years and have been banned over the Xmas Event, so I missed that too. Probably not going for the orb this time either, pets are more important and I won’t spend more than 50 gems on extra battles each day. :thinking:

Why aren’t you crafting them? Just save your blue orbs until you have enough.

I got newer player friends who got Zuul in less than three months. It’s definitely possible.

Not enough blue orbs either. Usually I’m not able to do vault events due to my working schedule. And other game modes only provide yellow or green orbs, every now and then a purple one. :thinking:

Perhaps they could just give people a choice of the orb? That way it can become a relevant items for all. Power if you’re still chasing Zuul with the alternate being a pet for example.


The campaign pass is still a waste of money and changing the orb wouldn’t make me buy it.

That’s a thoughtful suggestion! Replacing the final orb of power in the campaign pass with something like a large pet orb or weapon orb sounds like a great idea. It would definitely be more enticing for players.

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Mmmm…maybe an orb of forging, but not a pet orb…

How about add some Imperial Deeds too?

For $25 the only thing that might get folks to open wallet is books. That is bottle neck.

Yep. Books of deeds are the only things that would make me consider.

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If orbs of power could gold elite troops and max shiny the troop they would be useful again. As it stands they aren’t great