Stop already with orbs of growth as final reward

This is a real drag now and for our guild getting really frustrating, why bother if this is the end result. It is so demoralising and leaves you really annoyed. I have over six million souls ( worthless currency) find an answer please. Base line Clans at least. P.s I know this is old news but enough is enough


Even a very, very, very lopsided trade like “25 orbs of growth == 1 orb of ascension” would be welcome.


Would take it in a heart beat

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Only six million? I’m stuck with 11 million souls… But you are so very right… It is really annoying. :dizzy_face:

I don’t see this changing any time soon. It’s exactly how these type of random rewards are supposed to work. Getting a blue orb gives us “gamblers” a rush only because of all the times we don’t get one.

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I’d agree with you but it’s been so long I don’t really believe it’s possible to get a blue orb anymore.

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Not only green, Yellow ones are useless too. That’s why I stopped spending gems on any individual events (apart from faction, since I need shards) , especially bounty, kicked myself everytime when I got the rewards. It just not worth the gems and time.

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They really need to find a way for players to use up or spend souls the current structure is not enough.

The biggest issue to get Zuul’Goth is just one - lack of Blue and Major Blue Orbs.
And yes, it sucks.

I strongly disagree.
Yellow orbs might be useless for endgame or paying players, but I find the lack of (arcana/celestial) traitstones to be the biggest obstacle to progressing.

You’ll find it soon enough that the biggest obstacle for you will be ascending troops.
I had the same problem and the orange orbs proved useful, but only to a point. That point is now gone.
The most valuable is always the blue orb.

That doesn’t really change the value proposition. You should be looking far, too.

Long story short: you can farm traitstones, you can’t farm ascensions. Everything you think you “need” a wisdom orb for can be accomplished in a few hours of farming. I know because I traited about 90% of my troops before wisdom orbs even existed.

If you trait by farming instead of using orbs, you’re going to accumulate a lot of the minors/majors/runics along the way too. As you move from mid-game to end-game, you’re going to have too many of some traitstones. That’s when wisdom orbs start dropping in value. And it happens to everyone who plays enough to even worry about late-game kingdom power.

That’s why everyone should value wisdom orbs lower than ascension orbs. You may want them right now and subjectively increase their value, but that’s still overvaluing them. The resources they give you are easily farmed, and if you look at spoilers you can even store them in advance. And, due to infrequency of use, one day you will have a surplus.

That will never be true for ascension orbs.


Arcane stones are something you can farm, you can get by purchasing weekly troop. You will have more than enough soon or later. Blue orb is something not just for Zuul. It saves your keys, gems, glory, shards.You don’t need to open hundreds, thousands chests, just to get enough copy to ascend a troop. I had to open 1k event chests to get 9 copy of 1 epic troop to level Kingdom star this week. I could save that 1k event keys if I use blur orb. But it’s so rare, I just want to save it for other troops, like the vault troops.

I never said trait orbs are better or more valuable than ascension orbs. I only disagreed with them being useless. For that matter, at my level of progress I wouldn’t say orbs of growth are worthless either, but it’s very obvious they are nowhere near the same value as (trait or) ascension orbs.
Also, “a few hours of farming” is dreadfully boring to me and most days I barely have time to do the AB, dungeon and guild event. So to say that I’ll soon have more than enough is stretching the definition of “soon” :stuck_out_tongue:

Update/edit: I should keep my mouth shut. Last invasion event got me a mayor orb of growth as a final “reward”. Quite disappointing.

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