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Zuul crafted with diamonds only

So apparently for 30 minutes people were able to craft him with just diamonds only. Are people going to be able to keep this crafted card? So now are we going to see a bunch of boss cards in Guild Wars that were not earned the proper way?

I swear if they are, this is the last straw for me to quit the game. Either take the troop away from those who crafted him or make him craftable to the rest of the players for diamonds as well in this week.

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Why not? People had the Summer Imp for ever before the Devs actually released him so lol I think the people who got him should keep him, I mean hell, i didn’t even get him and you don’t see me complaining I’m happy to those who got him :slight_smile: not their fault he was in the forge for the wrong price, that’s on the Devs.


Oh, the tears and temper tantrums of the unlucky, how unlike typical gow banter lol


This bug will reveal two types of personalities.

  1. Those who didn’t get him, are butthurt and demand he be taken off those lucky few who did. (I suspect these people would be of a different opinion if they were among the lucky)

  2. Those who didn’t get him but are happy for those who did.

Honestly if this had been about something like Autumn Imp or any other legendary or even mythic, I would have been fine with it. But given what you can get out of the orbs needed to craft eight Orbs of Power (that is, mainly a TON of Legendaries saved when upgrading troops from Legendary to Mythic with orbs), it is for me not about the troop but the insane amount of resources saved. Zuul himself is not impressive, but all those orbs normally “wasted” on him are.


You can label me butthurt or call me a hater, I’m just glad that he will be removed. I am just thinking about the people who spent long hard hours, gems, money and resources to get one orb of power so they can get eight and craft him the hard way. I am a Hater. No secret there. LOL


You left out a couple of others:

  1. Those who got it, understand it’s a bug, and will throw a temper tantrum that they don’t get to keep it.
  2. Those who got it, understand it’s a bug, and insult people who think it should be reversed.
  3. Those who didn’t get it, and yell about people who are mad about the whole thing.
  4. Those who “get it”, and like numbered lists.

No threads demanding taking Suna away? Could it be because those wanting Zuul removed managed to get Suna? LOL

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Frankly my dear, I couldn’t give a damn …


Did you happen to have Suna’s stats? They’re not up on Taran’s yet and it seemed like Ubastet was next Mythic.

I saw a person post some pictures on the FB Gems of War Community…All her info says is “TBD”. Her traits so far show Fey Bond, Fireproof and [Trait_SUNFIRE_DESC] (lol. I am thinking it might be Faerie Fire all troops on 4/5 gem matches? Maybe?).

I just faced Suna in PVP, looks like she life steals from the last 2 troops, and does some sort of faerie fire on 4/5 gem matches, maybe only to one troop.