Enraged Kurandara

Anybody here have all the resources for but never crafted him? I got everything I need a little while back but the more I look at him the more it just looks like he’s not worth it. I’m just wondering if there’s other people just waiting to see who the next craftable boss will be before dumping all those power orbs into this guy.

I do. I’ve not crafted for the same reasons you listed. I’d rather save the orbs for a future troop (assuming there will be one) than use them on E.K.

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Im stuck with getting the vault troop.


Jeah with Zuul it was different because he is definitely worth it. But with EK it feels like he’s not much of an upgrade from the regular version.

yeah, I have been waiting for a long time… EK should cost far less power orbs than Zuul

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waiting till i have 16 power orbs or all mythic troops collected before i craft him.


I am 1 major blue orb away from safely crafting Enraged Karen I still might hold off.
It’s just a crappy troop imho.

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He’s a downgrade from regular Kurandara. I waited until I had enough blues to make another Boss troop before crafting him, and I’m still having buyer’s remorse.


Thanks for the replies, guys. After reading what yous said I think I’m going to hold on to my resources and see what boss they’ll release next. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way.

They should really change the cost to 4 power orbs, and refund everyone who has already crafted him. Currently it’s just completely unfair on players wanting to complete their troop collection, to have to save up for that many months for a mediocre upgrade.


I like that you use the word ‘mediocre’ when describing the upgrade because that is exactly the word I’m looking for. Is EK’s damage output better than vanilla? Absolutely! But I don’t think that’s the only thing that separates them. The third trait for vanilla is a lot more practical for me on the teams I use as I find myself hitting four or five gem matches a lot more often within the first two turns increasing the chances of cursing all the enemies in that time frame.

But the fact is I don’t have EK so I can’t really speak from experience. All I’m saying is on paper vanilla looks more practical to me. Perhaps someone who has him and has a great set up can explain to me why they think he could be worth the eight (I feel a sting every time I say that) power orbs?

This deck brings the destruction quickly. Class doesn’t matter much, so you can use it to level stuff. Is it 8 power orbs better than the same deck with regular Kurandara? Hell no it isn’t.

Better 3rd trait and lower mana cost > damage to all enemies