Plz buff Enraged Kurandara

I do think he should be buffed before 2022. As he is very costy and should be at the same or at least close as good as Zuul’Goth is.


The easiest thing to do would be to reduce mana cost. I think it would be reasonable to bring it down to 30 like The Worldbreaker.

Just crafted EK today actually and was thinking about this.


My suggestion is to allow Enraged Kurandara to transform all Gems of a chosen color to Doomskulls, not just yellow. And reduce mana cost to 32, same as Zuul.


Oh man, that would be a nasty combination on top of the AOE.

As far as I can see, the only reason to craft EK is to get Urskaya to Level 20.

If it were up to me, I’d improve Enraged Kurandara’s third trait. Because the third trait on “normal” Kurandara is superior, at least in my eyes.

But it’s not something I’ve been able to test in practice just yet; I’m still short a Heart of Rage.

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Only his 3rd trait? Mana reductions as well?

I agree, this troop costing the same as Zuul is kind of an insult to the players and the amount of time we spend to gather power orbs. I’m also not too thrilled that they just created a boss version of an already existing troop by modifying what it does slightly.

In my opinion this should just be a mythic rarity troop. What it does paired with it’s absurdly high mana cost is not worthy of being a boss troop you’d spend 8 power orbs on.

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so just don’t inslut yourself and don’t craft it… simple, nothing in this game is obligatory and EK isn’t even a troop i see often in play… so you can live without it

I’ve crafted it only because I had lots of uneeded orbs laying arround, so i’ve said to myself: why not?


EK has a looping potential, unlike Zuul’Goth. Just mentioning a big USP of him over Zuul, but that looping can be done with other legendaries who require only 16 mana mostly. A mana cost of 18 for EK would make him at par with the Doomed Scythe weapon (which has some upgrades on it). My request is to replace the first trait “Red Link” to “Summon Kurandara upon death”. That would make it see a lot of play - at least in defense.

Enraged Kurandara is OP with the Stormcaller class, Divine Ishbala, and Luna.

OP is taking it a few miles too far.

LOL And who told you that?

Who told me that? I am among the best players in GoW. Team was fun for 30 minutes. Team is OK at max, so stop with the exaggerating please.

LOL You seem emotional, why? EK is OP, doesn’t matter if you claim to be among the “best” at G.O.W. LOL

Enraged Kurandara

Very high damage potential
Solid traits
3rd trait triggering on turn 1 or when there’s generally no 4/5 matches on the board.

Way too high of a mana cost
Recently, everything is turning yellow to skulls/doomskulls/more.

Yellow to Skulls/Doomskulls are way overdone currently and Kurandara/Enraged Kurandara is already forgotten. Its a bad look to see campaign items already tossed to the way side. Makes me wonder if any of my campaign items are worth any investment.

Regular Kurandara should be 23 mana to match Hatir and Skrull
Enraged Kurandara should be around 28 mana
Would like to change the spell to not be Yellow to Doomskull. Would love a Purple to Doomskull.


Or “Pick a color to convert into doomskull”… After all he is a powerfull daemon from ancient times… isn’t he ? :slight_smile:


Nothings beats the real Boss Zuul. Others are just :face_vomiting:

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Yes, that’d actually be cool… but pick a color AND very high amount of damage to all enemies would be hard to sell at a lower mana cost, and Id rather not pick a color be stuck on a troop with a 35 mana cost.

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