We dont think the Enraged Kurandara is worthy for 8 Orb of power

After 10 weeks finaly got the Enraged Kurandara,but when i tested,i feel disappointed,boosted by Doomskulls*10 ,this new myth can only deal 60 damage with 3 Nysha,much lower then Phoenica in fire storm,why? because there is nearly no Doomskulls when the match begin,

i think if first covert to Doomskulls then count the Doomskull NO. then do damage,that will be very great,not deal damage first then convert to Doomskull



by the way why i lost Heart of rage? It should not be deducted


Considering this game is worth around 20$, there is pretty good chances that your statement is correct.

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I don’t have him or regular flavour Kurandara, but tbh they both seem pretty good, although not sure for the Mana cost.

  • Phoenicia doesn’t have Extra Turn potential

  • Creating a Doomstorm after converting to Doomskulls (potentially guaranteeing an extra turn anyway) could lead to chain skull attacks and explosions, potentially filling him up again straight away (again, Mana cost, not sure).

  • The Curse and Invulnerable(/Impervious) traits are both pretty good, and I could imagine them being useful against L&D (to remove Bless while keeping the turn for regular Kuran Duran).

I guess idk about 8 Orbs of Power, though.

1st convert then count would be quite broken with lightstorm and I see him as more of major diasbler ( similar to Maraj Queen, Obsidius) than heavy hitter. the percentage nerf from 50% to 40% is bummer though.


I recently crafted a second zuul for the hell of it so I am obviously not gonna get angry boy any time soon. Am I bothered? Not in the least. Way too high in mana cost and not a troop I would see myself using much. In fact, the standard kurandara seems a far more viable team option. The extra 10% curse chance and 9 less mana cost more than makes up for the singular rather than AOE spell damage. The fact that the pair have the same artwork and are elsewise also remarkably similar screams laziness and lack of imagination. We’ve been waiting for a new orb troop for ages and this is the best that they can come up with after all that time to design something sexy. Failed on a massive scale in that respect. Very disappointing.


Dust off Slayer Ghost, blue/yellow, brown doomed weapon, and whatever mana generator, all 6 covered?

1000% agree. Zuul instakills anything it can target. No matter what. This thing is a Doomscythe on legs with Invulnerable. Is it a good Mythic? Yes, I think it is. Is it worth 8 power orbs? Not even close.


This isn’t worth 4 power orbs in it’s current state.

35 mana cost for something that isn’t even comparable to Zuul’s cast?

Also… A boss troop isn’t even worthy of it’s own unique artwork?

I’d really like to know who approves things like these before they go live. They’re really slacking.


oh yes ,1st convert then count would be quite broken,and thats worthy what we call 8 orb of power,for now?NO!!!

I don’t know, the troop is just out for 4 hours, most players don’t have it yet to see how it plays out, don’t u think some more playing time might be warranted ? There is still opportunity to play around and see how it performs in this upcoming GW. I’m always hesitant to buff/nerf/ tweak doomskull troops due its full team wiping ability. I agree with TheCullin, as of right now the mana cost and curse percentage reduction is what kill this troop. My suggestion is different then urs as I want his mana cost reduced, 50% curse chance kept and of course crafting cost reduced, something like 4 orbs of power is reasonable but that is unfair to people who already crafted.


I just don’t understand why anyone would bother crafting “enraged” if they already have standard kurandara? How can it possibly justify 8 power orbs for an almost identical troop which on account of its obvious limitations is almost beyond consideration in an effective lineup? If I was part of the crew who came up with this idea I would rightfully hang my head in shame. Woeful.


IDK what the problem is, this troop is amazing!!!

^ That will be coming from the usual bootlickers.

Reality is :poop: :rofl: :face_with_monocle: Lazy


A bigger question - is it gonna be 8 power orbs every 11 weeks?


I don’t think that was a nice thing to say.

I don’t really care. It’s the same old pile.

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I doubt it. I think Mr not so angry is just a way to round off the introduction of the 1st campaign, but who knows? If this is the extent of current creativity, who cares?

That’s what we are calling Kurandara now? :laughing:

Not-so-angry Enraged Kurandara.


My thoughts exactly. Invulnerable instead of Impervious? Yeah, that’s going to make absolutely no difference in most matches. AoE dmg instead of single target? Dmg is quite laughable anyways and the least juicy part of its spell (what matters is conversion paired with doomstorm, which can wreck an opponent team alone). What’s the tradeoff? 9 mana more to cast and 10% less chance to curse all? Hell no.


For 8 power orbs, 9 more mana, and imo a nerfed 3rd trait…

What is going on with this dev team?