Useless white Orbs

What about the white Orbs. I think its about Time the get a new super Mystic like Zuul or Kurandara.

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They still need to make Enraged Kurandara worth 8 power orbs before they think about adding another. Zuul is an actual useful boss troop, EK is only good for slightly wasting someone’s time on a Zuul attack day with his invulnerable trait.

I use Enraged Kurandara during GWs because of the curse and invulnerability.


You can use them to get 4 EK and 4 Zuul

It’s also an excellent troop to use on delves in conjunction with Irongut. The Curse All is a fantastic synergy with Devour. It’s a niche role, but EK is definitely not as useless as the community memes it to be. Just because it isn’t as powerful as Zuul doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place. Just craft Zuul first given the option. It’s waaaay better than Xathenos for example.

i think because EK is often compared to regular Kurandara, RK have 50% to curse all when matching 4-5 gems. And when you do delve with HKI, you often pair him with a mana generator that produce big amount of 4-5 matches (Crysturtle/ Apocathery) so RK is relatively comparable to EK

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There will be other Mythics possibly, which will require Orbs of Power to craft them. Some resources in the game are for piling, even if you do not see an immediate use for them.

But what if you already have those 4x and got 40 power orbs ready? :upside_down_face:

Then take a walk and get some fresh air, instead of playing.


Useless comment.

A lot more useful than your 40 power orbs. :joy:

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Then you need to realize you are in a tiny minority of players and that releasing more troops costing power orbs may not be good for the majority, many of whom are still catching up.


Ever since GaPs catching up has become so easy. Friend of mine started playing recently and got Zuul within his first month because of a gnome weekend.

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Totally agreed that GaPs have changed the state of the game to where there should be more options for Power Orb usage. It is nice that blue orbs can be spent readily now instead of hoarded and never used for their primary purpose.

I’m not sitting on the same stack of 40 you are, but I’ve got 7 in the bank with enough major orbs of the other varieties to craft 11 more whenever I need them. That’s not even counting the additional ones I could craft by combining minor orbs. It would be a welcome addition to have more meaningful ways to spend Power Orbs.

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It becomes harder when you aim for 4 copies of each troop. You need to save 32 for 1 boss. I’d like extra everytime for 2-3. So now your 40 is not enough.

I have no idea what you mean. 40 orbs is enough to get 4 copies of a new boss right away. Already got 4 zuul 4 EK

Last time they released 2 Bosses. Luckily, the req was not to use 8 white orbs. You only have 40, you need to stack about 64 for another 4 copies of 2 Bosses. That’s what I mean

Of course you don’t need 4 copies of each new one right away, but with new bosses atleast you get a reason to play more