Zuul'Goth Issue & Incorrect Refund

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a quick reference about the Zuul’Goth issue from earlier this week for folks who were wondering both what happened, AND of course the compensation for anyone who crafted him.

Q. What the Heck Happened?
A. Zuul’Goth accidentally showed up in the Soulforge for about 20-30 minutes on weekly reset. He wasn’t meant to be there, and a few sneaky adventurers managed to craft him and play with him for a bit before we removed him!

Q. Can’t we keep him, dad, pleeeeeez?
A. Sorry. :frowning_face: Zuul’Goth is meant to be end-end-END-game content, and as such not intended to be available in the Soulforge. He’s very difficult to craft (via Orbs of Power), though we will have more ways to obtain orbs in future updates

Q. How many people got him?
About 140 of you were really paying attention it seemed.

Q. Was there compensation when he got taken away?
Yes. We refunded crafting materials AND levelling resources… BUT we got it slightly wrong - our bad, sorry for that!
If you had fully traited Zuul, we shortchanged you 4 Celestials, and 5 Arcane Spirit Traitstones. It also looks like we gave out 48 TOO MANY Runic Magic Traitstones!

Q. Will you fix the incorrect compensation?
Of course! We’ll even let you keep the Runic Magic Stones as an apology

Q. WHEN will you fix this? I need mah stones, man!
We currently have a public holiday here at the Infinity Plus Two offices (ANZAC Day in Australia). Our team will be back in tomorrow (26th April) and will work on getting those missing 9 stones to all who were affected.

Q. But HOW did this whole thing happen? Don’t you guys test stuff.
Not enough, apparently!
Seriously though, this WAS tested, but it looks like when we made some tweaks to the Mythic/Legendary troop rotations in the Soulforge, to stop them repeating as often (like Ketras did), the ability for exempted troops (like Xathenos and Zuul’Goth) to appear crept back in unnoticed.

Q. What if I used all my Shards to make Diamonds to make Zuul’Goth? I want my shards back!
Sure thing!
Contact our support team. They will check your logs for how many Shards were converted to Diamonds, remove those Diamonds and give you the Shards back. If you have since used the Diamonds you crafted on something else though, they won’t be able to help, sorry.

Q. I used Orbs to upgrade Zuul, not traitstones! Can I haz mah orbz back kplzthx
You sure can get your orbs back.
We need to do this manually for the moment, and it might take a bit longer though.
You should contact our support team. They will check the logs and refund accordingly. Try NOT to spend the Arcane Spirit & Dark Traitstones you were refunded though!

[EDIT/UPDATE: As of 4am 26th April GMT, all mails with the missing 9 stones have been sent out on all platforms]


Who else calls you “Dad” besides me??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The whole dev team some days :stuck_out_tongue:


Right, thought I was an end-end-END game player, but it turns out I’m just an end-end game player :frowning:

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Some rumor about update tomorow is it true?

SoonTM lol

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If you keep asking daily. They’re gonna be able to release it but then wait a week before they do. Because they’re sick of us asking.

@Sirrian I miss these clear, highly detailed, explanation/clarification posts (always with sight amount humor)!!!

Looking forward to another possible post after a reexamination of the 1hr Pet window in the near future :wink:


2 hours it is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think 4-6 hours is reasonable. And they can cap it so you can only find 4 each day for your guild.
I’m only good with the hour thing if there’s absolutely no cap and all released pets have an equal drop rate. I can’t help but feel like they won’t be weighted equally though.

I dont mind the 1hr cap, just make em easy enough to find they run 27/7 :yum::yum::yum::yum:

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24/7 would be sufficient imo. :grin:


Well some people told me that i was just asking if it was true or if it was bs

I myself have been saying that BS for weeks… It’s a best guess sort of thing.
It should be released Wednesday or Thursday. If it’s not. It’s because the client wanted changes that causes it to be delayed for a week… Or gasp 2 weeks. :wink:
But they won’t confirm nor deny it… Until a few hours before it’s released.

honest words there. now please take a hop on the RA thread and state that you did not do the same there "because it would be a bit of work

I’m not affected, but from the other thread - some people used Orbs for the traits and got back traitstones instead, which is a definite downgrade. Are you making those folks whole with their Orbs also?

Why y’all are being generous…
We haven’t had a Mythic troop in a legendary task with over a thousand Legendary tasks completed. So if my whole guild could be mailed this guy… That’d be great. Thank you in advance. :grinning:

We should get a Zuul Goth as comp for mistake lol

Can confirm, sirrian is dev dad.


They need to contact us though, and we will check our logs to see which orbs they used, and refund accordingly!
I’ve also added that question to the FAQ in the first post - thanks for bringing it up.


I just wanna say, you guys are great about the transparency and honesty of the problem and the steps you’re taking to correct it, and how generous you are with the refunds. Kudos.