I hate Orbs of Growth

Anyone else sick of seeing these turn up? I have loads of them… they are availiable from Orbs of Chaos, but also they turn up as fixed rewards in some events (which the other three possible drops from Orb of Chaos do not).

It seems that there is a much higher drop rate for Orbs of Growth than for any of the other Orbs obtainable from Orbs of Chaos. Are there any stats availiable for Orb of Chaos drop rates?

Please can this be changed? Preferably by taking Orbs of Growth right out of the drop pool from Orbs of Chaos, and including them as fixed rewards instead where appropriate, even if this means reducing the occurence of Orbs of Chaos as a result… either that, or just get rid of Orbs of Chaos entirely, and have all 4 orbs availiable as fixed rewards in events.

I’m getting really annoyed with finishing a stage of an event only to get yet another junk Orb of Growth. Enough already, please make it stop…


Apparently, certain newbs like them. I think they’re probably misinformed, talking about Major Orbs of Growth, or the methods used to collect that data were deeply flawed.

My sub-60 alt doesn’t even like them. Their real value is ≤1000 Souls (or is it slightly more for a Mythic from 19>20?), which is (I think) the lowest possible reward from a Soul Gnome.

Sirrian mentioned possibly wanting to let us use Orbs of Growth for other things in the last Q&A, e.g. for Champion XP. I hope something like that comes sooner rather than later!

I (really, really) liked either of the ideas here:

Fixed rewards for these things means you can temper your expectations and make reasonable decisions about whether or not you want to pursue the reward, or how you want to spend your time in the game (e.g. if you needed to trait something, and a particular event had Wisdoms, you’d go focus on that event). That sounds like a good thing to me.

Would obviously make things less gacha, though, so… :confused:.


Using Orbs of Growth for Hero XP would be somewhat useful I suppose, but XP is something that just happens anyway, I’ve never felt the need to farm XP for levelling… however, if you could use them for Class XP, that would be better, there are a lot of hero classes in the game.

Now that drop rates are available for keys, can we see the drop rates for orbs/ greater orbs of chaos?