Imperial Deeds

Please can we have more ways to earn Imperial Deeds? A lot of players now have excess volumes of regular deeds that cannot be used to update kingdoms because there is a serious shortage of Imperial Deeds.

Could be included more regularly in daily adventure, or in the 10 week world event rewards for example.


I would loooove more imperial deeds! But, I think they are as scarce as they are by design. When the “buy imperial deed for 500 gems” offer comes up, they want you to buy it :wink:

I’d be happy if we could at least get a few more writs.

Never had one of those sadly

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Same as se7endevils, I’ve never had imperial deeds show as offers.
Then again, never seen warband coins either, my first & third daily offer are always the same (low tier medal, bunch of useless keys & delve treasures).

It’s a bit stupid that from the first 2 campaigns we’ve had, you can end up with 4+6 Books of Deeds if you pay for the elite passes, but… no Imperials in sight, so you can’t even make use of them!
There are already people in my guild who have decided to not buy any future passes because of this.


I buy every one of those that I see.
Yet even those I don’t see for months and months. Which makes zero sense.
Especially when I don’t need 90% of the crap that is offered to me.

Every update comes with attempts to get my money, get the daily offers DON’T WANT my gems. :person_shrugging:

I dont think I ever saw one.

At this point, and conjecturing with the press release today, I have to wonder if the scarcity of imperial deeds is connected with the kingdoms level possibly being planned out for four more years (through Year 10) which would coincidentally be about roughly the time of the completion of the third map (assuming the third map starts when the last of the 34 factions will be released later this year). Given the requirements for Power 30 and Level 20 for each kingdom, the tea leaves I believe seem to point in that direction. If that’s the case, then it’s simply a matter that the devs do not want anyone to reach Level 20 for years to come by design/roadmap, but they want players to chase that goal regardless.


Same here. How about this idea? Combine the Epic Ingots and White Pet Food rewards both into the Epic Purple task tree, so you get half as many of each, and then make the Epic Brown task tree instead give Writs just like the Green tasks do… since Writs are actually something we need.

I had 2 deeds back-to-back in arena last week and the next day 1 in the daily. Unbelievable. War coins on the other hand, that shit is rarer than a nun in a strip club, not a single offer since they were introduced.

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