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Book of Deeds takes 50 Deeds to create!?

Maybe I am missing something, is there going to be an easy way to get writs now or something? 5000 writs per ONE book of deeds, and you need multiples of them to level up to the higher levels.

This is craziness, again, unless I missed something in the notes that states deeds/writs are getting a major boost to their drop rates. Thats a ludicrous time sink!


We are not supposed to be crafting books of deeds right now, if ever. You’re right. The costs are extreme. There will be ways to acquire books later, for sure.

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you definitely trust them to do that way more than I do.

Its been announced that book of deeds will be in free and elite pass rewards in future campaigns.

That being said… I’m skeptical about the amount they will give the players…


This might be one of those things they never intend for us to complete.

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I am 95% sure that there will be more books in the elite pass than in the free pass. Just another step on the PTW road.
Now, I’ve had Irongut miss at 95%, so I could be wrong…but I doubt it.


Considering it’s going to take 20 years to get enough Imperial deeds…


Does anyone actually find gameplay that can’t be completed fun?

The point of a game is supposed to bring fun to the player; having no obtainable destination (making grinding redundant) and no sense of progress (for the illusion that playing the game matters) takes the fun out for me.


They told us they would give us ways to get deeds when they released. All they did was ration them through the adventure board and buying them with $25 worth of gems in daily deals. Or? Craft them with stupid amounts of materials that are also rationed out.

You think it will be any different with these scam books?


Yeah exactly, ridiculous. I have been playing this game for a long time, and I have mostly enjoyed it. I’ve spent some money, but not heaps. I hate objectives that are “difficult” to achieve, just due to the lack of being able to achieve it. Its terrible. I wish they would figure out how to make deeds more widely available. Its such a crappy way to extend “gameplay” loops.

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Yes, and no…

No, in that I do believe that books of deeds are intended to be crafted. But, yes, in that they are meant to be very rarely crafted and extremely expensive to do so.

At some point everyone will have their kingdoms at Level 15, which means that individual deeds will no longer be used to level up those kingdoms. So, they have to go somewhere, else they become the next Orbs of Growth.

Also, I’m fairly sure that this recipe is meant to be a a large economic gem sink for the game. As players’ tributes keep increasing, those gems have to flow somewhere. That’s what the Daily Deal board is meant to be for endgamers.

But, at current rates, 50 deeds at (300 gems per 2 deeds) = (300 * 25) = 7500 gems per book of deeds. Not sure how I feel about a single book of deeds being valued in the upper end of the range of a mythic troop, though. Prices on things in-game are intentionally meant to be very steep, but that price is a tough pill to swallow.


They could put book of deeds as part of tribute. It won’t matter as long as Imperial deeds are only released once a quarter.

The devs put so much focus into slowing players down (I assume due to free to play) that they don’t even see how much of a traffic jam environment they have created.

Those that continue to play GoW for over 2 years do it due to 90% of other things. And 10% actual enjoyment.
That’s not sustainable.

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Yes, this is the “mind blowing” improvement we got with recent updates, something that got the unwavering approval of some players. It’s not a realistic goal to any extent as of now, and given the paltry rewards from campaigns I don’t expect to see things changing in the near future.

Let’s suppose the devs will make so it would take one year to upgrade ALL kingdoms fully AS LONG as you pay for each Elite Pass to earn all the necessary Books of Deeds.

Free players will maybe upgrade a few kingdoms in the same time frame.

Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if even an approximate plan would be communicated. Or an indication how long these achievements are meant to take us. Heck, at the moment I would even settle for an acknowledgement that at current drop rates it will takes us 20 YEARS to finish these at the current drop rates. Gem sink? Bring it on. I would LOVE to spend my gems on imperial deed offers but I’m not getting any!!! All the devs are achieving right now is to annoy me.

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I went to a kingdom, calculated the deeds required, 3650 from 15 to 20. And I wrote it down as another aspect of the game which I won’t reach, like medaling mythic troops.
If deeds start to rain everywhere then maybe it will be an option.

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I remember a time when we were all yelling about how difficult it was to get ignots to upgrade weapons. And than we got delves.

I’ve been around for a long time, every time they introduce a new currency we think it’s impossible. We need a new game mode when the underworld rye kd is done anyway. So just wait and see.


Considering we have 23/34 factions right now (last one is next Sept?), I’m thinking they might be planning a new “map” or something with a new game type that might give us writs or similar.

I think guys like you have beaten the bejeezus out of the game so bad they just ran out of stuff for you guys to do.

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Even if that was true. We’d be a tiny percentage of the game player base.
And yes… It’s a video game… people are supposed to beat it.

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I agree you’re supposed to beat it. I was just saying I think you guys have done everything there is to do. The stuff they’re coming out with now is just them trying to think up stuff to keep you guys busy. I don’t think they planned on guys like you continuing to play the game after pretty much getting everything. That’s why a lot of this new stuff look like they’re just pulling ideas out of their butts.

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