Earning books and imperial deeds

I think the new content for beginners is great, it gives them extra resources they need to start out. Can end gamers get a little love too though? Power levels now require kingdom level 18 for a couple kingdoms, and a couple more are on the way in the next several months. It is discouraging when we are stuck on this requirement, because we get an event key offer, rather than an offer that will help us progress the kingdom to level 18. Don’t think that will change any time soon. It’d be nice if there would be more ways to earn books and imperial deeds, I don’t know-maybe offers that actually help us progress. I understand these are supposed to be rare resources, so maybe devs don’t want them to be too easy to obtain, but end gamers have a lot of resources we don’t use anymore. So maybe a new game mode that opens up after hitting a certain level (i.e.,1500) that can give us the rarer resources that we need to progress these power level requirements further? Just brainstorming…

Thanks for your time.


I’m not saying this is a bad idea, and I’d love to see another game mode for end-game players. Just keep in mind that the goal of any good dev is to keep the carrot dangled further than players will reach, and when they’re about to reach it, devs should move the carrot a little further.

In other words, 99.9% of players should never be able to have everything done (all troops, all factions done, all max level kingdoms, etc). Otherwise, players would get bored because they’d have nothing to work towards, and they’d quit or take breaks.

I’ve talked about bottlenecks before and I’ll bring them up again - certain resources are meant to slow you down, like cursed runes or imperial deeds. This is fully intentional and healthy for the game. Everyone has their own opinion on whether or not such resources are TOO rare, which is fine and good to discuss. Personally, as someone who is end-game but by no means hardcore, I think the resources are pretty well balanced to keep that carrot dangled in front of me.

Again, I’d love to see more content focused on end-game, so I don’t disagree with you. Just keep in mind that love for end-gamers likely won’t come in the form of increased resource acquisition, especially for bottlenecked ones.


I’d probably be okay to settle on no love if we could just get rid of all the hate. What end-gamers need is deeds in various flavors. Reaching power level 26 in any kingdom opens a task that requires a very huge amount of deeds to complete. As long as this task is open the game almost entirely stops offering deeds for purchase and tries to sell useless event keys instead. Once you fall into that trap you’ve thoroughly trashed any chance of further progress, you won’t be able to dig out of that hole any time soon.


personnellement je pense aussi qu’il serait bien d’avoir un peu plus d’actes et de livre car tout justement la seule chose qui nous reste quand on est en fin comme ca c’est d’évoluer nos royaumes et c’est démotivant de ne pas pouvoir le faire je ne dis pas qu’on devrait en avoir non stop mais quand même beaucoup plus régulièrement car la moi ca me donne plus envie de jouer de ne pas pouvoir évoluer