Explanation Required

A simple explanation from a developer please.

Because maybe im stupid, but how is this a helper.


2nd part as wouldnt ket me put 2 pictures in 1st post. Really yes iknow stupid.


New accounts are limited to how many pictures per post you can attach (which is a pretty standard Discourse config).

Anyway, what kingdom level is your Suncrest Kingdom? Level 16 is the “Arena” tier, requiring an investment of +300K Gold, +3 Imperial Deeds and +2 Books of (Colored) Deeds.

If your Kingdom is already at Lv.16 or higher then you’ll need to file a support ticket so they can troubleshoot your account individually. Which doesn’t explain when/how this happened (so they can provide a more permanent fix) but it at least solves the immediate problem.

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Youve totally missed the point.

It shows i need to uograde using books to next level.

Yet they offer me an event key as a kingdom helper.

So i need an explanation how a key can help in anyway towards getting a book.

Because as a lever 1456 player, it seriously doesnt.

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Ah, I was assuming it might be something OTHER than that old news again.

(Note that the offer includes Gold, which is technically required for each Kingdom Level, not that you are likely to need it)


I’m receiving this same offer but for Zaejin (power lv 26 ->27). Also kingdom level necessary with books, deeds and gold. But it’s the same offer for the last 5 days. As usual, they never really fixed these offers. And they will never be.

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With this kind of problem you’re approx ~2-3 years late to the party.
@Jeto & @Kafka don’t care about that problem anymore, if they ever did. Safe to say this won’t ever be fixed, because it “still hasn’t passed testing” as @Jeto once described it before burying the topic by since then ignoring questions about it completely. I even doubt early engagement in conversation about this topic - as often the case - was more than “make pretend”, not sure if there ever was any “testing” at all. Otherwise I’m sure there would be some kind of progress - that is if capable. :wink: