Leveling up Kingdoms?

Does anybody feel like they are not progressing in the game? I feel like I have plateau and am not moving up the ladder? I’m just wondering if there are others that feel the same? Or maybe gotten past this?


Well, speaking for myself, I have 1 kingdom that is paywall locked, 2 kingdoms that are weapon locked, 6 kingdoms that are book blocked, 1 kingdom paywall AND weapon locked and 3 kingdoms that are paywall AND book blocked.
That’s over 1/3 right there. And the book blocking is only going to get worse.
This is a direct result of the devs extreme monetization of kingdoms. It used to be just troops to advance. Now you also have deeds, weapons, pets, medals and books with a timeline (at present) that will take 30+ years to finish kingdoms.


you have hit that right on the head every thing is blocked by tasks that you don’t have control over? We need to get more players to band together and ask for change. Does anyone else feel blocked out there??

For kingdom levels, I feel like there are 4 magic points for me to unlock.

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As a fully F2P endgame player who plays a healthy amount, I’m reaching the point where my roadblock is increasingly Books of Deeds and the need to raise kingdoms to Power Level 18 (or even 20 in one case). Which I not only do not have the resources for, but I’m still working on Power Level 16 for my last stragglers – I got it down from 4 to 3 as of last night, but I still need 9 Imperial Deeds (or whatever they’re called) to finish that because I already have the Books sitting in my inventory.

Going through my summary at Gemologica, I have 19 kingdoms that aren’t at maximum power. Of those 19 and their current status?

  • 9 of them need to bump from 16 to 18. Meaning I need Books of Deeds and Imperial Deeds in quantities it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to farm. (And I work on those every day.)

  • One needs to go from 18 to 20 and also requires me to Gold Elite a few more troops – that latter is on the “back burner” for the moment because I’m not going to satisfy the other requirement any time soon.

  • One of them is blocked by a weapon behind the paywall.

  • Two more are blocked by not-upgraded Weapons. One of the two is Dragon’s Claw, which is also blocked because I have neither Diamantina (I only have three Gem Dragons and neither weapon) nor the Hoard Mimic.

  • The other six are blocked by missing troops. Three of them are simply Mythics I don’t have – two of the three being Gem Dragons and the third a mythic I just haven’t pulled/crafted yet. One is Glacial Peaks; as a F2P player, I don’t have the two troops that were exclusive to the Campaign Pass. (I’m also missing the Gem Dragon from there.) One is Broken Spire; I should probably just blue orb the troops that aren’t fully leveled up yet and be done with it. The last is Zhul’Kari; I have yet to pull the Tarot or the new Legendary and I also probably should just blue orb the other stuff not yet at mythic.

(Mind you, some of these kingdoms probably could advance multiple levels from where I currently am. But I’m not digging through the requirements to see just how many other things need doing at the moment.)

But, yeah… there are blocks for a lot of players that aren’t readily surmounted without the spending of sizable amounts of real money. Which I’d be more likely to accept to some level if the game were always like this, but it hasn’t been that way. Other than the paywalled weapons, everything has always been made available to F2P players in a reasonable amount of time if you’re willing to put in the effort.

But now the bottleneck is increasingly shifting to resources that are very limited unless you’re forking over wads of cash. Slowly shifting things to a P2Win model.


I noticed that they started doing more pet rescues and the hats in the soul forge I think they heard us!

Are there more pet rescues scheduled on days other than Wednesday?

Hats in the soulforge?

Please no more pet rescues on days other than Wednesdays. Wednesday is bad enough. If pets are important to you (and I agree they should be), just join a more active guild. You’ll net better than the one a day we’re limited to on Pet days.

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How about parallel pet hunts on Wednesday? 24 hours, but instead of 1 pet it’s all of the pets from that kingdom next to each other.

Even the most active guild can’t help with pets that have never been released outside of the campaign pass …

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Oh man, I would love that. I can’t imagine they’d go for that. But I’d love it.

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