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Explore 13-20 and the kingdom level 16+ problem

Three mostly unrelated late game problems that I think can be solved with one solution.

  1. Explore 12 is too easy in late game so gets boring
  2. Low drop rates of Nysha and Anu tokens necessitate a lot of (boring) lvl 12 farming in late game
  3. Still basically impossible to get enough imperial deeds and books of deeds to level kingdoms beyond 15

Most solutions to 3 would make it too easy in early and mid game to level kingdoms up to 15, which I guess is part of the reason it hasn’t been done.

So my suggestion is to introduce new explore levels 13 to 20. These would ramp up in difficulty to say lvl 450 or 500 at explore 20, which make it challenging for late gamers. Levels 13-20 would max out at dropping 100 Mythstones per run but would have higher drop rates of Nysha and Anu medals. They would also give writs, making those farmable for the first time. Not a huge amount, but just enough to make it possible to farm for levelling kingdoms to 16-20.

As these levels would be notably harder than explore 12, that wouldn’t break the early to mid game deed or medal economies, but would make late to end game more interesting and allow for some continuing progression.


I would welcome that, for sure. Good suggestion, easy to implement too.

Good suggestions! These would certainly be welcome changes. I think, though, that they’re unlikely to happen, if only because I’m quite sure the team has plans for how they want to make writs grindable (or not). As others have mentioned before, new resources are drip-fed to us until the devs are ready to open the floodgates (and introduce a new carrot to chase after). That being said, I imagine there is, and has been, a plan in place regarding writs for quite some time now, even if that plan is making them accessible primarily from VIP campaign passes.

Then again, I’m often surprised at the apparent lack of forethought in this game, so who knows!

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