How to lose hard earned gems ? buy event chest!

i can’t believe it!

i just spent 675 Gems for an event pack and i got 24 times (out of 50) the Gorgon card!!! so ridiculus!

Seriously, can someone, strong in probability, calculate the 'chance ’ that half my card be a single card ?

i will think twice ( or 24 times! ) before spending gems on an event chests!!!

How many Legendaries did you get?

none! but one celestial…

Happens, worst luck, and of course the worst way to lose all those gems…

I’m not sure if anyone has done the stats…but certainly the other week I used Gems to purchase 50 event chests to try and get one Gloom Leaf (to be able to ascend to Mythic) and two Green Seers (to ascend to Legendary).

More than 50% (I think 27) were Treants. I got 2 Rowanne, 1 Green Seer, lots of Sacred Guardians and one other Ultra Rare many times from out of kingdom that I did not want. No Gloom Leaf.

So perhaps we are both seeing what is expected.

Outcome - I’m saving my gems for gem chests.

I have the same feedback from these keys…
I don’t remember which kingdom but I opened 50 event keys and half of them gave me the Ultra rare troop… And not so much the mentioned epic troop…
Is it a bug? I mean it’s written “You can win: One specific Epic Troop/Celestial Traitstone/Others” so one can think (like me) that we have a “huge” chance to obtain the epic troop or celestial TS. But not so much in reality… Maybe the chance is x2. But I think it’s not enough…
Moreover, it seems that the only troop that we can “farm” with these keys are the ultra rare troop (Gorgon, Treant, etc). So why not change the “Wild Fang” picture with “Gorgon” picture for example?
Certainly, these event keys are the worst way to spend gems. Or, maybe the VIP keys ;-).
@dzm67 how many Wild Fang did you get with the 50 event keys?

Probably those are the very odds. As the event key looks limited to a single kingdom yo get 50% time the related UR troop and the other half split on all the other prizes incl. the epic, legend and traitstones. Would not be surprized if another fair chunk would also go to gold/souls/gem.

Those hunting for specific troops and stones are probably still better off with that key,

none at all!!! no wild fang…:angry:

thats one thing I am not looking forward to gettin updated on the ps4… the key change…

i spent 95 gems and of 10 cards 6 was treant. ridiculous

A simple and fair solution to such complaints would be if the game provided info on draw chances.

Even evil games like MPQ do that, at least did 2 year ago.

Nothing on that is really ridiculous. The drop chances on event keys are exactly like for gem keys, only that you pay a little extra to focus on one kingdom.

Let’s say for gem keys the chance to give an ultra-rare is around 50%. So when you buy 50 gem keys, you will receive somewhere around 25 Ultra-Rares splitted on the different Ultra-Rare-Cards there are.

Now on the other hand, if you buy event keys, out of those 25 Ultra-Rares (due to the focus on a single kingdom of event keys), almost all will be the Ultra-Rare of that single Kingdom.

This may be nuts, but is nothing unexpected nor bad luck.

Considering you can get ultras from arena, they are a pretty lame reward for such an expensive key. If you want a specific legendary or epic, then VIP keys aren’t bad if you can afford them. Otherwise, stick to gem keys.

Just spent 1300 gems on 10-packs of event chests, hoping to pull Silent One.
No luck. And HALF of the pulls had ALL 10 UR troops (from 3 or so types).

I agree with OP, this is a shameless rip-off, nothing else. :frowning:

If you wanted Silent One, you should have tried VIP chest instead. The draw pool this week for VIP chest is only Silent One, Faunessa, and random Arcane Stones… I bought 10 today, and ended up with 2 Silent One. It’s all probability, man.

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Purchased 40 event chests myself hoping to get Gloom Leaf… got 33 ultra-rare cards, 14 of which was Gorgon… the other 19 ultra-rares were like 4 or 5 cards, getting about 3 to 4 copies each. It just seems that the actual pool of cards in the event chest is somehow ridiculously small. I mean that wouldnt be so bad, if you actually knew what cards are gonna be there… I would expect a high occurence of Forest of Thorns cards like Treant, but why the hell Gorgon???

It rather sounds like it needs more details on what is actually contained within those chests. A drop table somewhat like “1% chance for the legendary, 9% chance for the epic, 45% chance for the ultra-rare, 45% chance for an ultra-rare of some other kingdom”. Somehow players seem to expect an almost guaranteed epic/legendary within event chests. Considering that an event key costs about the same as a gem key, why should it have vastly improved drop rates?

I bought 10 VIP chest yesterday, and ended up with 6 Silent One. :smiley:

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hmm the droprate of the UR seems a lil much… maybe drop it to 1/3rd of current and add a chance to either get 10 of a common or 5 of a rare so at least people don’t get 26 of the faction’s ultra rare?