Getting Mythic Troops?

Any idea what the approximate odds are to get a mythic from gem chests? I am one of the cheap-skates who stays in the free to play mode, so I don’t have VIP options. I have probably opened 200-300 gem and event chests, and I haven’t gotten a mythic troop yet. I have a pretty effective team with my legendary monsters, but when I see things like that new naga Laralai, I can’t help but go “ooooh that’s an awesome troop,” followed immediately by “awww, I’ll never get it.” :).

I guess I am just curious what the approximate odds are of getting a mythic from the non-VIP chests for us cheap-skate players? :slight_smile:

1 in 1000 from gem chests.

500 gem chests will give you roughly a 39.5% chance of pulling 1.


My wife is ranked over 500 and still hasn’t got a mythic she is VIP 1 I’m over 600 no VIP and have 4. She opens gems chest as soon as she gets keys/enough diamonds, I save them till I have over 150 or 200 that’s our only difference.

That’s RNG for you. It doesn’t matter how many chests you open at once; only the total number of chests matters (insofar as it smoothes out the RNG). The rest is just luck.

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I am currently level 710 (VIP 1, so no VIP keys for me) and had only one Mythic drop so far (Jotnar Stormshield)… Funny thing is: it came from a Glory key xD

I’ve opened a LOT of Glory/Gem/Event keys by now but the Mythic luck doesn’t seem to be on my side :slight_smile:. All these keys were earned purely from playing without spending any money.