GW Mixer (sharing control) cheating or not?


It isn’t cheating as it is not against the rules, simple as that.
It is definitely against the spirit of sportsmanship, but this isn’t a sport, there is a reason why sport championships aren’t faught out of the respective homes of the athletes just sending the officials their results.


This would be more a problem if this was an every week event. It is not cheating because there is no rule against doing it. The players in other guilds do not like it so they may choose to give guild doing this the hardest Def. I do not do it. If I were a GM I would not do it because I would not want the target on my back but that’s just me. I’M not going to complain about it because if we keep complaining about cheating in GWs then they will make it every 6 weeks like someone suggested would happen.


That is so right. And who has the time to sit and watch all 29 other games and play them as well. Let me know who has that kind of time. Some people have lives and others don’t. And someone always think they know what’s really going on when they don’t have a clue. As far as viewing someone else’s gameplay and giving advice that is called teamwork and when it works someone might get salty about the end result.


You are so right. When someone else wins a bunch of crying ensues.


I would also go out on a limb to say that if it is considered cheating by watching each other games then the people who are watching the people watch other people’s games are cheating as well if you want to look at it from that point of view. I also believe it is way too risky to put the interact button up for anyone to grab the controller and screw over somebody’s guild war scores.


Wonder how busy Mixer gonna be in 2 weeks now lmao, good thing there other ways to stream lmao


Yeah there are a lot of people using mixer to help each other with Guild Wars last week. If it were a bannable offense, there wouldn’t be anybody left to compete in bracket 1 Guild Wars. Is safe to also assume that there would b.e no one streaming gems of War on YouTube either.


Twitch has like a 30 second delay between the player and the stream


Telling someone every move to make vs. actually taking control to make the moves for them is the exact same thing. If you think one is unsportsmanlike then the other is also.


At the end of the day using mixer to watch each other streams is not cheating according to the developer’s. So what’s the debate again?


I haven’t seen anyone use the interact button to play someone’s Guild Wars for them. So why is this even an issue? What I see is you giving someone the idea to go ahead and do this.


And if that’s the case then I see your guild is on here with total hypocrisy. I know for a fact that there is a person in your guild playing all of someone else’s Guild Wars. I guess you thought I didn’t know and didn’t want anybody else to know either.


I guess that simple instruction was too hard to understand



I didn’t call anybody out and no names were said. I just don’t like when people become total hypocrites.



lol @MrsAffects you just called @fleg hypocrite twice
anyway keep derailing thread it look like your speciality


oops i think you close wrong thread @Saltypatra i was talking about this one :slight_smile:


Yes, I believe it is time to close this thread. At this point in time we have no official stance regarding Mixer. This is due to the fact that many of our players share accounts, eg, one a spouse may enjoy playing Treasure Hunt, but not the other.

Also, Mixer operates outside of our game, so it isn’t easy to track or monitor it being used. It is a grey area that makes the situation harder to act against, if we did consider this cheating in the future. To be clear, we don’t consider it cheating at this point in time.