GUILD - features supporting members Loyalty and Integration

The purpose is to bring guild members closer to each other to become friends, family, intagrate and have more fun, regardless if the guild is “on top” or just starting,
lets create the feeling that they make something bigger together

Feel free to add your ideas :slight_smile:

Suggestion nr 1:

Bonuses personalised for each member for staying longer in a guild:

Suggestion nr 2:

Bonus to guild as a whole for having loyal members

Suggestion nr 3:

Allowing a member/leader to reward/gift another member/leader within one guild:

Suggestion nr 4:

Guild activities as a whole:

in PVP activities - Guild Wars bring hope, lets see how they turn out!


Another thing that can be done, that can improve loyalty of members, or rather make their decision about switching guild harder is to implement some kind of reward bonus based on the number of days spent in guild.
Lets as an example take blue task that rewards 10 gems as en example.
Thats the basic reward everyone in the guild gets.
If a member has been a member of that guild for 10 days she/he will get 10%bonus rewards > 11 gems.
If a member has been a member of that guild for 20 days she/he will get 20%bonus rewards > 12 gems.
The number goes up to 100. % get increased every 10 days. So being in a guild for 29 days will still result in 20% bonus.
This way a loyal member would get higher rewards from his current guild, then if that member passed to a guild that does slightly more quests.


If you’re going to add Loyalty incentives for the players to stay, you need to add stiff penalties for guilds kicking players.

That then causes even more guild management pressures.

please present a constructive idea instead of alone negativity

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I like your first 2 suggestions, they really seem to work towards the loyalty goal. The first 1 would encourage the guild member to stay, while the second would make the GM think twice before kicking everyone in the guild. I’m just not sure about the bonuses or the precise numbers (I really have no idea if they’re fine, I’m not disagreeing hehe)

I personally hate the 3rd one. Giving that kind of power to a guild leader can go very wrong. If the GM isn’t very wise (even if they are, actually), it can create a lot of conflict inside the guild, ultimately making the guild break apart, rather than bringing it together.

About the last suggestion, no opinion on whether or not it would be nice, but I doubt it would boost loyalty, at least not for longer than a week.

If a guild leader is bad, tge members will know before something like what it suggested becomes an issue.

Also if a guild leader goes nuts kicking people, then thst guold will have empty spots and won’t be able to complete tasks anyway.

the 3rd is meant not for free (at least the ones i posted)
the person who is buying the gift must pay the price in $ or whatever resources it is priced to begin with
and i didnt mean it to be available only for the gm

but i can see might be right about the hk’s suggestion

the guild activities would give ppl something to do together, that has potential to be bonding in a positive way, perhaps the details need to be changed but potential is there

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True, but it also creates potential for pointing fingers at people who aren’t performing as desired, and also potential for people burning out.

There are also a many shades of gray between the two extremes. I’m just saying I can’t see it promoting an overall guild loyalty, only favoritism.

guild tasks (together with roster) already have same potential for pointing out fingers and its not a reason to remove them xD

in game weekly events, arena tiers and guild tasks together have potential to burn out and its also not a reaso nto remove them

i dont see such reason as good enough to not give a chance for another feature that would give ppl sommething to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not saying it would be bad overall or that it shouldn’t be tried, I just don’t see it promoting loyalty or integration. I’m not saying I can’t be wrong either, it’s just an opinion after all :wink:

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Needing to kick someone is a penalty by itself.


how about an activity modification of an idea:

guild leader can set weekly quests for the guild (something like console tasks) or choose a few from random list

that could be something whole guild talks about and decides on to do then, still not enough a chance to increase integrity?

Why not? That can already be done informally. Not sure I’d use that because I wouldn’t want to put more pressure on guildmates, but as long as it’s optional (and doable by the devs), I don’t see a reason to oppose it =)

well the original idea is its optional, like current event rewards for snotstones

but in general every aspect of this game is optional, isnt it ? what guild leader decides as a requirement is another thing xD

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I’m thinking now that, while I do love the idea of promoting loyalty and collaboration (I may be a square, but I have a hippie heart hehe), is it right to “force” it (I know the word is strong, but I couldn’t find a better one) on guilds that don’t care about it?

I mean, when Don Boba said “Needing to kick someone is a penalty by itself.”, I thought that “needing to kick” is relative. But shouldn’t this be something for only the GM to decide? Even if he decides everyone in the guild should decide together, wouldn’t that ultimately be their decision anyway?

Playing the devil’s advocate here, I can see someone being angry because they want a top-performing guild with many people being exchanged whenever needed, but their play style (although one I don’t agree with) would put them at a disadvantage facing other guilds (which could make a significant difference in the upcoming guild wars).

But, again, I would support the ideas I mentioned on the other replies and what I argue here is not my personal opinion. Just trying to present a different point of view. :wink:

the bonuses and rewards i offered (i hoped) would not be outshining “high activity” type of guild so guild migration would still be fine

but it would reward the less active “casual” and “Semi casual” guilds for keeping their pace with some veteran members on their side

at least that was the intention

so in the end the guild would need to decide do they want a member rotation to maximise donations or long term loyality bonus with keeping the veterans in when they have a worse week due to reality issues etc

i think that wouldnt remove any fun for the top pvp ppl guilds while it would offer the slower paced ppl guilds some good deal too while now they got none offered?

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its not forced if the bonuses are not high enough in comparison to the legendary tasks these guilds make weekly

the numbers will be picked by devs anyway

On the other hand, if the bonuses are not significant, would it make people think twice before kicking left and right? It’d be really hard (but nice) to find that sweet spot in the middle. Let’s hope they do.

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A penalty for a guild that kicks a player would be insane. If someone doesn’t do the reqs or creating a very bad mood, the guild shouldn’t get punished more than for the moment to lose a player.

That would just create more “slackers” in top 50.