Rewarding Guild Loyalty & Ethical behaviour

@Saltypatra @Kafka Long and short. Introduce periodic guild rewards for loyal guild members and possibly also for positioning in guild roster.
If there were significant rewards (Significant being the key word) provided periodically perhaps every two or three months for guild loyalty, increasing over the time you are with a guild it could significantly impact guild hopping as players who change guilds regularly or switch to slightly more successful guilds rather than support and assist their current guild may possibly think twice about the reasons they are ditching their current guild and perhaps encourage some commitment or consideration (dirty words to some) to helping their current guild make the next step. Note this is not aimed at those who have genuine reasons for changing guilds. I sometimes see high level players sticking with low level activity guilds long term and commend those. I have discussed this with other players outside of this forum who are actively involved with their guilds and they tended to agree with this suggestion which would also immensely help guild leaders and raise guilds moral and help foster progression. Wishful thinking that this could be considered as it probably should have been implimented a long time ago & will no doubt irk those who prefer to use guilds or have little life other than to troll or flame forums just as they most likely do with guilds.


Long and short. Find a better group of guild mates.

Loyalty and longevity are their own reward.


Agreed completely @UKresistance


I wasn’t criticising guild mates. It’s rather those who aren’t guild mates. Loyalty and longevity are their own rewards. Nice sound bites though and nice try. My last point as expected relevant to the first. I’m surprised you didn’t type. “1st” but anyway hopefully I’ll see some reasoned consideration

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1241 days a Thief over in Xbox land Ghaleon, and not a day goes by that I’m not thankful to be a member. Honor and a privilege it is. Old members have retired, some have taken a rest, but we have a solid 30 player team as strong as we ever were.


Awesome man I’m at 1340 days I believe. I too am fortunate to be amongst the best players. So thanks to all my guide members for all you do. Truly is a honor for me.


Great for you both. This topic maybe more relevant to the majority of guilds rather than your specific guild and to players who actively help guilds which do not have members who are willing to show your level of commitment to a guild involvement. Thank you very glad

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Best way to retain players is to have a great guild. There are currently an equal amount of too loyal and not loyal enough players in the game. Incentives will only make the unhappy but loyal members stay longer than they should. The disloyal won’t stay under any circumstances… Nor should you want them to in the first place.
If love (or loyalty) is at the cost of a bribe. Then it’s not worth it what so ever.
My most loyal members actually switch guilds all the time. Between the 5 I have. Life changes and that therefore changes how often they play and which guild is best for them. Your idea would punish their adaptability and flexibility since there’s not a current way to keep guild data once they leave the guild.


Loyalty and longevity in a guild and your effort to try and foster this is commendable. However, Person A could be one of the most loyal peeps in the community but still feel the need to change. Times change, peoples’ needs change, life changes.

Someone who may have been with Guild A for years may have a desire to change Guilds due to changes in the person’s real life. Such may have nothing to do with Guild hopping.

I also agree with the analogy that rewards may be construed as a bribe to keep people. If someone likes the Guild they’re in enough, they won’t need any rewards reason to stay. They stay cause they want to stay. Just like someone who leaves may leave cause they want to. Or, they need to as to reasons above about changes.

Admittedly, though, I know there are some (mostly newer players) who get hung up on the “goodies” they want, so they go to Guild A, find out they’re not getting as much as they hunger for out of that guild, so they go to Guild B.

Some look for a “Top ##” Guild cause it’ll give that player more goodies, which I think is a somewhat selfish reason to join a Guilld.

In any case… I think that loyalty toward one guild or the desire/need to change is somewhat dependent on two things, which I’d mentioned above:
A - Life/Situational Changes
B - Simply put, someone will stay or leave for a different Guild simply because they want to.

We have no specific Gold Minimum with the ideology that if we leave it open, those who WANT the legendary tasks will WANT to put in as much money as they can. We leave it up to them.

Same would be if someone wanted to leave our Guild. Nothing we can do to change their minds, and I wouldn’t want to try.

Anyway, that’s my two-cents-worth-plus-GST.

I’ve been in dozens of guilds, several of them more than once. There’s not a single incentive I can think of that would make me stay if I wanted to go. I can tell you that where I am now is the best place I’ve ever been.

This is a game, not employment. The guild doesn’t owe me anything and I don’t owe the guild anything. IMO, freedom of movement is one of the great things about the game.

You kinda sound like a guy who’s been burned a few times by people dropping in, grabbing some rewards and bailing on you. Perhaps you should be looking for higher quality recruits rather than just filling the roster. On the other hand, it seems like just about everybody is having trouble recruiting these days.


The disloyal from my experience are those who elevate rewards in the very short term and have little value in a collective effort or respect for others. Many guilds are looking to manage 30 players to compete. I don’t see how my suggestion punishes anyone. It doesn’t need to keep data once they leave a guild. If that were to be the case then players are punished by that definition by not being logged on when a pet rescue is up and missing out. I am unable to log on every hour but I don’t see myself as being punished by the game not for being able to do that, although if it were allowed to build up between logging on would be appreciated. Back to the issue, Players are entitled to join guilds as they see fit but suggesting loyalty bonuses is far from punishing players and in the first instance my original suggestion would help great guilds improve and the disloyal may make more effort in the guilds collective responsibility & want to help a great guild improve.

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I wasn’t necessarily targeting newer players it’s all levels and I have no issue with anyones circumstances regarding commitment to the game or a guilds requirement. Players know requirements before joining and reasonable players understand everyones game commitments can change.
Some guilds have different ranks allied to the members commitment to a guild. If for instance a player helps many of their guilds mates and are ranked according to their guild contributions not necessarily gold contribution, why should that not be recognised. If players have good reason to leave guilds so be it but too often unfortunately I’ve seen utter bs from players leaving guilds and why, that is f they even have the bother to inform a guild leader

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Yah,I see your point. And yes, we’ve had people ghost on us too, so it’s really a crappy way of doing things.

I DO wish there was some sorta’ universal etiquette that was Guild related but not sure if this idea would be feasible. Good that you’ve thought about it, though.

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Apples and oranges.
I have players who switch between my own guilds due to real life. If they put a “bounty” aka incentive to stay in a guild then they will feel pressure to stay in a guild that’s probably too active for them. And the best way to lose members is to pressure them to play. They don’t only leave the guild, but the game entirely eventually.

Not everything in life has to reward a sticker. Sometimes just doing the right thing needs to be a sufficient award.


If there’s trouble recruiting then fostering loyalty would at least take into part perhaps less trouble.

Unfortunately I don’t know any guild leaders who are contacted by their members to advise they joined to dip in grab what they can get and bail.

Thank you. I think a lot of guilds will benefit immensely from this marvelous suggestion about looking for higher quality recruits most helpful.

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Well to be honest I’m not even looking for the rewards personally but I see players leave guilds after using them, and see players who foster a nice community in their guilds over significant time and am all for that. But really perhaps naive to think those who like to use guilds and fabricate reasons for leaving would respond. Some guilds actually really try to work as a collective with members and leaders putting in considerable effort and despite so , are lucky to even get a bs message from those players when either req’s not met or they leave .Perhaps advising a guild leader might help the guild resolve an issue why players may leave.

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Your sarcasm betrays you. My suggestion regarding higher quality players was meant sincerely. There are some people in the game we all know who use guilds for whatever they can get. We know the ones who join on Monday morning and bail when tasks are completed Monday afternoon. Those are the ones none of us want in our guilds.

My main point is that this is a game, and it fluctuates all the time. You’re not hiring someone to participate in your guild. People come and go whenever they like. I seriously doubt that any type of reward for guild loyalty will ever be implemented. Nobody wants that kind of restriction on their freedom of movement, except maybe GMs who are tired of recruiting. I’m not saying I blame you; recruiting is hard and often frustrating. But having to take a loyalty oath to join a guild is not a solution.


Thanks for your considerd response. Etiquette is dirty to too many players

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I’m not expecting a loyalty oath sometimes though if players have genuine issues. Some guilds can help or be lenient too, unfortunately those who do as you describe are not always easily identifiable

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If you have to pay people to stay then maybe there is something wrong with your guild. I agree with some of the others that have posted that it’s a bad idea. Make your guild a good destination and people won’t leave and if they do then their loss.