Guild Feature - "Member Special Box"

Purpose: a tool for guild to reward a member or to help weaker member

Each member has one “Special Box” with the box progress being tied to each box separatelly:

  • The box requires some kind of donation, could be like a guild task (put gold in) or for example could cost gems, anything - once the progress reaches max the member owning this box will receive its rewards

  • Any member of guild can donate to any member’s box, he/she can donate to his own or to someone’s else

  • box progress doesnt reset weekly (coz the cost for completion most probably should be relatively high), but it is repeatable somewhat like a legendary task

  • it is possible for a player to receive only 5 (for example) boxes per week, after that when the progress reaches max the “claim” button wont activate, however it will activate after weekly reset


But what does the box yield that isn’t already in chests?

It’s a cool sounding idea, but seems to me would only be worth it if you knew it would contain something cool coming out of it. Like a weapon you don’t have, or a chance at Guild War troops that are still GW exclusive.

I do see you show it as a way to help weaker guild members. I’ve always wanted a way to be able to, in game, make a minor directed purchase to another player. Something like buying daily gems for a friend, to hook them. :smiling_imp:

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Nice idea but it seems to be the same that guild tasks: as a guildmaster, I will put a new rule so that everyone pay so everyone have their 5 boxes every week -> guild task


The only way I could see this working is by restricting it to real money. If it takes any kind of ingame currency, it will be heavily abused to funnel resources from alt chars to main chars.

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it is different if it doesnt cost gold,
also it is different to reward/help 1 member since it either wont cost as much as 1mil gold to open (coz it will reward only 1 person not all 30) or it wil contain 30 openings/drops instead of 1

also it can be different as a box with different drop rates (for example something like a gem chest but 2x higher mythic drop rates)

i dont think a guaranteed certain drop will work for the game but a different rates of a random (maybe slightly filtered) drop could work. (filtered drop for example only 3 chosen/featured kingsoms)

Interesting idea but that’s basically what the guild tasks already do: People with more gold can donate more, and lower level folks get all the benefits.

I don’t see why this would really be needed… lower tier members already get a lot from being in a higher tier guild, especially if they are asked more relaxed min contribution levels…

Maybe use this for friendly guild competition. Like most trophies 1 week gets it, or whatever goal you want. I actually like it.

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