Level 7 Guild Chest

45,000 seal requirement and same as level 6 except no blue cards.

It is possible to do this with a full guild with no money but will likely increase guild spending.



I would be for it!

@Saltypatra can we add this to list of requests please?


So its kinda like VIP chests without the double epic and arcane reward per chest? Cool idea.

Or gold.

Better to think of it as gem chests without blue drops.

Im for it. I was thinking they wouldnt want anything to compete with VIP chest, but this would probably end up making people buy seals a lot more to hit that final amount they need for 45k.

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Way too generous. I mean, I’d definitely love seeing those chests. I can’t really imagine this ever happening though, not with so many guild seals available. Besides, this would just cause the discussion to resurface that 45k seals doesn’t allow for any breathing space, everybody should be able to get those chests, please lower the limit to 40k.

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No thanks.

It was firstly proposed with a 45k (or 42k not sure) cap for the last level and the community wasn’t so happy with that.
You can find more informations here.


Epic, legendary, mythic only chest?
It’s called vip and costs 50 gems a pull.

Agreed with turin. The reason it was dropped from 45k in the first place was so entire guilds wouldn’t be frustrated with 1 person who is 200 seals short on the weekend. 40k is a perfectly fine and realistic goal for most guilds. Giving people 75 Epic/Legendary/Mythic troops a week through seals alone is kinda nuts, too.


@turintuor thanks for linking the original plan for the Guild Chest. I was happy I didnt have to type it up😁

@daveis23 To summarize: Your proposing the developers make the VIP Chest obsolete by having it available to everyone via the Guild Chest and giving out the equivalent of 3,375 Gems every week to every player. (1,500 Seals ≈ 75 pulls on the VIP chest).

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That’d be great, I’d love to.