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Considering that soon we will have 12 statues of Guilds to donate in the guilds, my friends and I have anticipated a problem that will affect many smaller guilds, greatly damaging them in the game: the random donations in the Weekly Tasks.

With 12 options to make donations, in the smaller guilds it is possible for members to donate at random, not completing any Weekly Tasks in the week. This would be a big problem, as the larger guilds, by completing the Weekly Tasks, will get huge bonuses for your members, greatly discouraging players from the smaller guilds, who may stop playing for status inequality in certain events (especially PvP).

One solution we envisioned to better organize this point in the guilds would be to create a guild vault.
All donations from members would not go to specific Weekly Tasks but to the Guild Vault. The Vault would represent the guild’s total gold collection and the guild master of each guild (and perhaps members of the first rank after the leader’s, if allowed) would decide which Weekly Tasks the gold would be invested in.

That way, in a smaller guild, the leader could wait during the week, accumulating member donations, and on Monday, donate to the Weekly Tasks that were most convenient for the guild. The leader would decide which Weekly Tasks to complete in order to grant the bonus to all guild members.

Donations would normally be made at any time on any day of the week, but members would donate to the vault and the leader would donate to the Weekly Tasks, completing them at any convenient time.

This is just an idea for better managing a guild funds, as with more donation options, organizing this detail internally will become much more complicated.

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I feel like leaving it for the guild master to do manually is a lot to ask, there maybe guild leaders who go inactive and until they get back you may have no tasks complete. Easier I think would be to set up a system where you set it and forget it, like the order of your guild wars teams.
You put the order they would go in and as gold comes in they complete tasks in the order set


I understand you and agree that in the smaller guilds it happens that some leaders get discouraged and simply “abandon” the boat. But I know several guilds whose leaders are active in the game.

As I mentioned, besides the leader, others could be appointed to take care of the role. Let’s say that if there is a guild safe, we could have the Guild Master and two other players named by him as Treasurers in order to always keep the guild’s gold applications in order.

The donation rescue system (donates and it gets saved in a given Task) does not solve the issue of random donations. The idea of ​​the vault is to have someone in the guild responsible for donating to tasks that will be relevant to the guild. For example, if the guild is unable to complete the 12 Weekly Tasks, the officer will apply the gold to complete the most important for the guild.

This reinforces the importance of the Guild Master in each guild for more than just one title. If there were 2 Treasurers, there would be two more trusted trustees in charge.

In the end, from the idea I suggested, it comes down to one question: How much do guild members trust their leader’s decisions?

There is no way for the leader to benefit one member or another with guild advantages in this system, as happens in many games, so guilds would have responsible leaders and treasurers working for the other members.

It could be more simply handled by giving guild leaders the ability to lock tasks, preventing any donation to tasks out of order. Let’s say, perhaps, we decide to alternate which epic tasks we do each week, if someone comes along and doesn’t want to follow the “suggested” task order, it screws the whole guild over; even if it is an accident. So, I completely agree with you on the point that this will be a problem, and one that has existed in guilds since the statues and tasks came along.

I don’t agree that this is an issue that will only pertain to small or more casual-requirements guilds. The amount of gold that it will take to complete them all is so absurd, that all but very, very few guilds will complete them in one day or even at all.

Recruiting the right players right now is a nightmare because of the introduction of the long-game for all players came with medals and the new explore mode. Kicking people for going out of order on tasks isn’t a luxury anyone has. Players in guilds getting all tasks done on Monday have been used to putting their gold wherever they want for a long time. By the time half my guild starts donating, they’re donating to Legendary tasks. Running a guild that is consistently top 10 in Tower of Doom, in the top 3 brackets of guild wars, and completes everything else like clockwork is enough work without having to recruit constantly because people don’t follow a task order.

Just give the GM a chance to decide when a task becomes active for donation each week. Task priorities can currently be set, but all it does is light up the top priorities with a pretty spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, your vault idea isn’t a bad one, but if it isn’t already something that is being developed, you are looking at two to three main releases (#.0 / #.5 releases) before an idea like that might come to fruition from a development standpoint. The devs have already said that they will lock the Epic tasks out the first week they are released, why not extend that function to the guild leader?


If they do add suggestions like these, the devs would need to make sure that the rank next highest to GM could also distribute the gold or set the priorities. Otherwise, the whole guild would be setback if the GM was suddenly sick.

Also, they should probably only make this feature optional. I would assume many casual guild GMs would prefer the simplicity of the current system.

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This is a good idea. Another possibility would be for the leader to define the order in which the Weekly Tasks should receive donations.
For example, the leader sets the weekly Tasks importance level from 1 to 12 on Sunday. Only one will be active at a time and when it is completed, the next will light up for donation.
If, on the one hand, this prevents guild members from donating to the Tasks they want by targeting the loots, on the other hand, each full Weekly Task gives status bonuses to all guild members, which in my view, It is much more important.

It is noteworthy that my suggestion with the Guild Vault is to control the gold waste in random guild donations.
With 12 options and only 30 members making donations, if donations are randomly scattered among the Guardian statues, all the results are poor, either in the prizes acquired or not having completed any tasks.

What I would like, since we will have 12 choices of Donation Guardian statues, is a way to control donations without waste.

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I agree with your words, so I suggested that in addition to the Guild Master, at least two guild members should be named as Guild Treasurers. This second fund control position could be given to two or four guild members to control resources in case the leader needs to be absent.

But to be honest, a guild whose leader is gone long enough to be a problem is a guild I would never want to be. In competitive guilds, leaders are always active, and in the many smaller guilds I know, all leaders are equally active.

I believe that all of us who participate here in the forum belong to the guilds with a leader present.

Sure, I agree that good guilds have active GMs. My only point was that unexpected life/sickness/injuries happen. So, the devs would need to make sure to account for that in a case like this.

My (adult) son is my hands when I’m away from home. I’ve had him kick people, send invites, etc. I need my time way too :joy: Going on a real 1 week vacation next month. It would be nice to be able to assign the role to someone. I really would like to see the option to require manual unlock as well. Amongst the many things I’ve thought of as what the future of my guild looks like, the earlies approach I want to take is have everyone complete certain tasks each week, and have them save the rest that they earn for future weeks. That will probably alternate, depending on whether or not there are independent statues with their own bonuses that have to be developed through leveling up the statues.

I’d prefer an guild leadership option to disable donations to non-priority tasks. Guild leader sets it, guild members can only donate directly to current highest priority task. This automates the purpose of the proposed guild vault. Also, guild leader has the option to enable/disable it.


Great idea too. Activation could be applied to the existing donation suggestion system, but instead of just suggesting it would define the amounts for active donation. Thus, only when the most important Task was completed would the next in order of importance be released to receive donations.

It is a viable way out of problems we will have in the future.

My guild vault suggestion was also thinking about the idea of being able to use it to confer other benefits to the guild in the future, but when it comes to organizing donations, your idea is more practical and applicable initially.

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