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Guild task contribution pot

I may not be the only one here that may agree with this statement, but i believe that there should be a guild task contribution “pot”, where any gold that is donated goes into this pot. Then it should be up to the leader/sentinels to distributed said gold into the tasks that are most needed by the guild. Guild members could be able to ‘vote’ on which tasks they would like to be completed, maybe have a checkbox next to each task, to where the guild leader and sentinels can see how many people voted for what. Any other feature requests along these lines would be much appreciated in comments :smiley: TY!


Just my opinion here, but essentially the people are voting where they want the gold spent; when they donate to guild tasks. This idea (not saying it’s a bad one) could give the guild leaders too much power. I do think having extra items such as traitstones, gems, maps, etc. go into a pile that people want to donate to, is a good idea. Then the guild leader can just donate said items to whoever needs them or whoever does the “best” in the guild that week. They would have to find some way to regulate this though.


Also, enough guilds exist where the leader is not that active. There, requiring guild leader to decide where the gold goes to means the entire process is slowed down.