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Donate Report: Guild Tasks

I’ve been going through an issue with my guild, where we’d like to know where each member made their donations in the week, how much he donated in each color instead of just knowing the total amount of donations.
I thought that this would be enough for a report in the guild chat, where we would see reports like, for example:
“Meghatron contributed with 300,000 gold in the Red Task”.
In this way, we would know, in addition to the value of the total sum and the weekly sum, how much each member contributed in each task separately.

I do not know if other guilds are going through this dilemma, but I do not think we’re the only one.

Thanks for listening.
(translated via Google, we are Brazilian and we are waiting for an update for our language in Gems of War)

Invite Code: MeghatroN.
Guild: Raptors BRASIL.


this was already put in the QoL requests i believe
and yeah id like it too, maybe just the total gold donated to x color summary in the roster (for privacy reasons not giving out the time when someone donates - i think its lame but the issue seems like looking real to devs so lets keep it safe)

You understand me. For a better understanding between the members of the guild this would be a relevant detail. In my guild, we usually combine which task we will focus on donations for a good organization and for there to be transparency among the members it would be very useful to know where each donated.
I hope that in the future we will have a resource that will allow us to know precisely what the donations of each member were and not only the total sum of the week and the final sum during the stay in the guild.

(translated by Google, I hope you understand me)

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What if instead of people donating directly to a task, they donated to a guild “bank” and the Guild Leader could dump the gold where appropriate? This would both keep donations anonymous and completely avoid the “but someone keeps spending on the wrong color” drama.

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I agree. This is very useful information for guilds that can’t complete all tasks.

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I had not thought of it that way, but I found the perfect idea, really incredible. Many thanks for the suggestion, this would also be a viable solution to this case.

(translated by Google, I hope you understand me)

only as long as guild leader had an option/possibility to set up an automated system for guild bank to buy out tasks in a specific order without guild leader being online at the time

otherwise waiting for leader to buy tasks (before for example mythic exclusivity expires) could be causing unnecesary negative effects

i personally think that having the option to complete a task on your own in an instant has a great value and is also a good motivation for donations.
-i dont want to take that away

plus it would put another extra weight/duty on the leader shoulders which i also find not necessary and not wanted for a long shot

if anything, id like to see more features taking leader duties off their shoulder somehow so they can enjoy the game more

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I also like this idea!

I would even be OK with letting the guild leader assign a time when the tasks will “unlock” for members to be able to contribute gold towards them.

My guild is part of a family of 4 guilds and Monday morning after reset (after GW rewards are sent out) is when people move between guilds. Due to varied time zones it is sometimes 10 or 12 hours after reset before everyone is in their destination guild. Sadly, not everyone watches Discord or in-game guild chat and we almost always wind up with tasks being completed before moves are complete. With the gem nerf, this is actually an issue as it is causing those who are transferring to miss out on gems.

Yes, we could just say “to heck with it” and kick the one or two people who habitually do this, but we’re not like that. Give the guild leader control over when the guardians unlock for gold contributions and it completely fixes the problem at the source. If people need a “failsafe” built in to prevent against an absentee GL, make it so the next lower rank can perform the unlock if the GL doesn’t have the unlock timer set prior to the weekly reset time, or just make the guardians unlock normally at reset time if no time is pre-set.