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Stolen donations

So last week I encountered a donation glitch where I donated 70k and the gold came out of my account but wasn’t put into a task, the roster tab in the guild menu did show that I donated 70k tho… Trying to remedy the position for my guild, I sent a ticket asking for them to add the 70k to an available task (so that I don’t get to redonate it causing it to look like I donated more then I did) the ticket was not handled all last week, this week they did something about it tho.

A little background my guilds current minimum donations are at 300k/week, last nite I made the last nonation I needed to make the minimum on the nose… Here is the copied and pasted email I got from support (leaving out the senders name in accordance with the no call out policy)

"Hi Phil,

Sorry for how long this has taken,

We have done some tweaking on the server, we believe we have fixed the issue and you should now have the correct guild gold contribution weekly stats.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again with a bug or issue with Gems of War."

Here is my screenshot of my weekly donations

First, my name is Chris not Phil (and my screen name is Cell) and I would very much like to know why the developer saw fit to remove 191k gold from my guild account? Perhaps it is as simple as she thought I was Phil, maybe, but the ticket I submitted stated that my money was not donated and still taken out of my account so if there solution wast to take away my donations in the roster (which should’ve been 70k, not 191k) then that gold should’ve been given back to me… Now as my guild only has one task left to fill and I don’t have much time to play until Sunday afternoon/evening I run a risk of possibly getting kicked from my guild for not meeting the minimum (it is only a small risk as my guild leader is pretty reasonable and I’m sure he noticed a day or 2 ago with me having 200k+) and this is just not fair…

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Can @Sirrian or @Nimhain weigh in, and most importantly can I have this issue remedied and remedied soon? Thanks.

I had a similar issue with guild tasks 10 days ago. Here’s what I sent to support:

Our guild doesn’t currently have a minimum gold donation requirement (and I end up donating 600k-1000k a week anyway), so I didn’t look closely if my lost donation counted toward my stats in the roster or not.

Anyway, I got a response and a refund of the gold 3 days later:

Hopefully, they have fixed the underlying bug now, and they will quickly fix up your stats for you.

It does seem like they’ve been really busy lately. In the past, I’ve always gotten a support response in 36 hours at most, usually much less than that. This was the first time it took 3 days.

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I sent my ticket in last week (Tuesday) and it was just addressed today

I hope you also replied to your support ticket saying what you said here, or put in a new one if that one is closed.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but usually the devs look at these messages and say to submit a support ticket and they will fix it.

There was probably a mix up on their end. Perhaps this thread will speed up your ticket though :stuck_out_tongue:

As a GM, this is the stuff that gives me nightmares. I hate kicking people from my guild and usually only do it when someone hasn’t been meeting reqs AND hasn’t been communicating but some people are less chatty than others so I’d hate to kick some chat shy member due to a no-fault-of-their-own gold glitch. We do keep a weekly spreadsheet to review performance over time so hopefully the same person wouldn’t get hit with this glitch two weeks in a row but still, disappointing that it exists as a possibility at all.

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This sort of situation is exactly why you can’t trust the weekly gold display ingame. At this point, guild leaders that have min donation requirements must keep a record of totals if they want to be fair. This week and last week, the weekly display gave incorrect gold amounts for a couple of my guild members.

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I did reply to the ticket, and in regards to @Ashasekayi, my guild leader does track weekly progress but he records the info on sunday nights, which means that it’ll show that I have donated 109k instead of 300k unless you mean checking the overall but I’m not entirely sure if my overall was reduced as well, if it was then I’m in the same boat

Yes, I mean the overall totals. Those are always accurate in my experience. Of course, using those only work if you keep a continuous record.

Some paranormal activities happened to my donations this week also. I donated around 400k at Monday after restart, closed few tasks instantly, got rewards mailed so I thought everything is fine. After some hours Ive checked rooster and realised my gold contributions are equal to zero. Couldnt even contribute more to see what happens coz all the tasks were done by evening already :sweat_smile: Oh well, will monitor the situation in the new week :grin:

I’ve had it happen, but the time it happened it was less aggravation to dip into my gold reserves and farm some more up than it was for a ticket (for me).

We’ve had the problem @LostInLust has. The disappearing gold contributions happened to us last patch, and we (YoYo) kicked players without knowing. We got them back in the guild as soon as we knew about the bug.

So now, we may be a little too slow to kick, but we don’t want a player feeling the level of dejection and betrayal when they KNOW they donated and GoW bugs out.

Situations like this are why we really need better in-game communication features. These errors are long-standing and frequent enough to warrant having a backup plan when (not if) they happen to you. I’d recommend staying in touch via the forums.

@Cell I’m looking into this now - it’s obviously been mishandled.
I’ll see if I can rectify it for you remotely

EDIT: FIxed! PM me if there is something else incorrect, and I’ll make sure it gets done asap.


Thanks @Sirrian, all my contributions are showing correctly and thanks for going above and beyond making things right on such short notice…

Keep up the good work