Lost gold whilst donating

Hi folks.
Has anyone donated, been told there’s a contribution error, nothing taken or donated and then when you try again it says you don’t have enough gold. You exit to the menu and all your gold has gone?
Its happened to me just now. Here’s a picture.
Also the game locked up the other day opening 50 gold chests, left it for ages and ages, had to quit and restart.
Ticket submitted.

It happened to me a few times (last time yesterday), but after a reset everything was alright - gold gone and contributed gold value increased.

Gold gone, task still on 124k. Nothing added to the contributions on the guild roster.

Make sure you contact our support team, if you haven’t ready.

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Thank nim, indeed I have.

Just lost another 53,000

I went to donate 53,000 got the message shown, exited guild tab and my gold total was still 53006 or whatever, and I then quit the game. I load the game up after my tea only to see the gold had disappeared without adding anything to the total.
I’ve had dialogue with support a couple of days ago but not heard anything since. These donation errors and the game freezing upon opening chests are really starting to get very frustrating indeed. I don’t want to be wasting my time or yours with stupid stuff like this, you’ve got better things to do and so have I!
Is it a server issue? Connection issue? Or just a glitch?
Anyway, I hope it gets sorted soon because I’m 136,000 or so adrift and we need to finish our guild tasks!
Thanks for the support and providing us with such a fantastic game.