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Fix for disappearing gold coming soon?

I think I saw other mention the disappearing gold glitch but is it going to be fixed?

For the past few weeks I donate 300K to 600K on Monday and usually by Tuesday its gone, so are my trophies.

I contacted support, they manually added it back in. Very cool, and done quick. They acknowledged it as a known glitch.

Last week it happened again. Support fixed but said not to ask that it be fixed in the future. Thats sort of crappy, if I donate 500K and a bunch of trophies on Monday I want my guild to see that. Im the guild leader, it looks bad if Im at zero. I guess I could spam our chat with ‘no really I donated 500K!’. Ultimately it doesnt really matter, we got the keys and gems but I also believe its motivational for the rest of the guild to see large drops of gold early in the week to get it all started.

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We have at least one in our guild that is definitely experiencing the same thing @Killa was talking about this recently. Suggested they open a ticket with support.

Well thats part of the problem. I have contacted support 2 times for this issue over 2 weeks. They responded very fast and were very nice but on the second time they asked that I dont contact again since this is a known issue.

I really dont want this happening every week until its fixed.

We have others in my guild with the same issue so I think its fairly widespread.

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happened to me 3 weeks in a row so far :disappointed:

They have responded to this issue in the past. The long answer is they have no idea what is causing the bug and they have looked exhaustedly. Additionally the next patch on PC (and two from now on consoles) is completely redoing the way guilds are handled.

In short they aren’t fixing the house because they are razing it and rebuilding.

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This might not apply, its been a while since I was on my PC during the reset.

While they are trying to track down the cause of the bug, have you tried to donate on Tuesday AFTER the console weekly reset? The systems should be fully separate but…

I could have sworn this happened to me once months ago on the console, since then I’ve been mostly holding back until Tuesday and haven’t run it to it again.

The console seems to get a Monday reset for PvP stats then another Tuesday event update.

Bigger question: Have you ever or “lost gold” on Wed, Th, Fri, Sat, or Sun? Something to consider.

I think this is the solution, it does have something to do with Monday. I’ll donate minimally on the upcoming Monday and then drop it all on Tuesday . I’ll encourage the rest of my guild, or at least those that have experienced this glitch to do the same.

Kinda sad it has to be done this way.

Well that sucks; makes me wonder if we’ve been booting people that were actually donating. Does this glitch just affect the weekly donations or does it disappear from the Total donations, too (ie. if we compare Total donation totals each week, will those properly reflect a member’s donations)?

Its is just a graphic glitch. We have a seperate excel spreadsheet that keeps track of donations so yes, we can correctly keep track that way, this glitch does not affect that. But still, its a pain, I like to just look at the guild roster and see whats going on. Plus like I mentioned, I like my guild to see that i have donated a lot of gold and trophies so they keep up the pace. Although many of them far outpace me.

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When this occurred on console (for me) just the weekly amounts would get zeroed out with the Weekly event, not the grand totals, they would include everything donated to date. Might be different on PC though.

Keep in mind for an undisclosed reason today the weekly event “reset” on console was running about 6 hours or so late and the Devs did a “Double Reset” today to fix it.

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Weekly only. If you track by total you are completely accurate.


Good to know; thxs @Mufasha

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hopefully the big guild update will include better methods for tracking member contributions.

Omg i never though of that, it would be nice to see a graph or something you know just to know who to promote and who to pep talk to.

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