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Monday guild task gold bug - Any news on a fix?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I donated gold three times to two different tasks (97,000 total) this morning (Monday) but only one of those donations is showing up on my roster stats for weekly gold donation; total gold shows the correct total amount.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Randomly happens only sometimes when donating gold to guild tasks on a Monday morning after reset.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
No screenshots but I am the co-leader of my guild so I have all the weekly guild data.

I know this bug has been reported many times in the past but I was under the impression it had been fixed in one of the recent updates. I can’t remember where I heard that or if I’m misremembering but the bug is obviously and unfortunately still very much alive. I tried doing a search to see if there has been any dev response about it but all my searches were bringing back too many false results.

Anyone know if this is planned to be fixed soon? As a GM who uses in game stats to make guild decisions, this bug is especially vexing (yes I know I can use total gold but that means I have to manually calculate everyone’s gold each time I want to see how everyone is doing; no small task).

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This has also happened to me today. A guildmate donated 200,000 gold, but it didn’t show up in the Roster (when sorted by weekly gold). Same for me with a smaller donation. Sorry, no screenshots.

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Yeah, it hit another of my guildmates today to the tune of 35k. Pretty frustrating. :frowning:

Today morning I donated around 600k to my guildtasks and everything seemed fine. Now I log in and it only shows 4000 gold…

Wow that is the worst example I’ve heard of. I’m sorry @Ahab1981 :frowning:

It was just a WTF moment… I m pretty sure Yonur has the data and hopefully it is shown in my total donations (over 6mil so far)

Hopefully the devs can do something about that.

@Ahab1981, something like that happens to at least one person every week in our guild. Our guild leader keeps up with the rolling totals and it’s always correct on those.
It might not be a bad idea for other leaders to do the same to keep from dismissing members due to this glitch/error.

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And RNG drives me mad as well :wink:

150 eventchests (whitehelm) - not a single Mercy - now I have more Grand Inquisitors than Mercy…

Guess its not my week :slightly_smiling_face:

Just FYI: There is a different gold bug that seems to only happen when we’re experiencing server errors like last week. In those instances the gold is received by the guild but never shows up on the member’s roster (neither in the weekly nor the total gold). Luckily that bug is pretty rare.

@Sirrian @Nimhain - is this bug on your radar? I just had another of my guildmates who had donated 400,000 gold this morning but now it’s showing 0 gold for the week.

I might be wrong, but it seems this happens only to people (as far as my data goes) who contribute right after the weekly reset. No idea if it’s because they do it RIGHT AFTER (first few min, when server is still busy doing stuff, like loading new pvp week - this always takes a few min), or maybe it has something to do with the same way old guild-stats were vulnerable to local-time differences from the game-server (i.e. weekly stats reset for people sometimes even few h after the event swap, it should not be the case here though).

Personally I would recommend contributing to the tasks 2-3h (or even later) after the reset, I do it like that and so far never had the issues with weekly gold stats (post 2.1 anyway :smiley: ).

and like @Macawi said, it is the most (the only?) reliable way to keep track of guild activity, to base your stats on the overall amounts, we do it like that too, so except for the fact it looks funny, Ahab with 4k contributions :smiley: there’s nothing to worry about

@Fifthelement I believe you are correct about when it happens (though I haven’t extensively troubleshot it yet) and I agree that keeping track of the Totals seems to be a decent workaround. I’m still curious as to why this bug is still with us since I’m pretty sure this has been happening for at least a year if not longer (though perhaps there were multiple bugs that exhibit the same behavior and the previous one was fixed). I don’t know if it’s just not considered a high priority bug or if it is one that would take more resources to fix than are deemed appropriate since there is a workaround.

Either way, I do want to make sure the Devs are aware that it is still happening since I was unable to find any recent support tickets for this issue when I created it last week. :slight_smile:

@ Fifthelement : I m not really worried :smirk:
Funny thing it showed up when i logged out an hour after the reset and when I returned from work it was all gone beside 4k… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Guys,

Yes this issue is on our radar. We are working on a fix for it, however I don’t have any ETAs on when it may get released.

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Thanks, @Nimhain. I appreciate you letting us know. Just give a shout if there are any additional details that players can provide that would be helpful for you. :slight_smile: