Guild task contribution not counting

I have been trying to finish a task and wondered why taking so long when putting in 20 k gold plus at a time, last contribution I made I checked, had 25k done, put in around 20 again, exited guild then re entered and it’s still at 25 k again, no idea how much I lost already

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We’re having the same issue on PC/mobile. If I had to guess the server rollback for guildwars is overreaching a bit.

Thought same, just read that it shouldn’t be affected so thought best let em know lol

I filled out a support ticket with more details, but thought you should know you’re not alone. My guild can confirm issues on Android, iOS, and PC.

Same here for our guild on pc/mobile. Support ticket already submitted with info. Too bad I had done several hundred thousand before I realized it was doing it :frowning: Hopefully, they will get it fixed and get us reimbursed soon!

Yeah, we have no idea how much in donations went down the drain. So many people like me with max level kingdoms are used to just hitting ‘complete’ and chucking whatever we have at it. We where at 220K of 750K on the last task in green when the donations quit registering so almost anything could have fallen in the hole.

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And no compensation… that is what sucks! Especially for our smaller guild, it really hurts! :frowning:

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Was told after filling in support ticket to let them know rough estimate of what I spent and in game name to have it refunded :wink:

me too… but their idea of compensation was 1100 of my 243k. Not even one pvp fight worth of gold! (mine was on pc/mobile not PS4 not that it should make a difference lol)