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Request to Devs re Guild Tasks

Thank you for the thoughtful changes to guilds and the hard work instituting them. My request is for space IN THE GUILD TASK WINDOW for the guild leader (and anyone authorized by him/her) to state what/how the guild members should donate funds.

I am not sure this is a difficulty other guilds are facing but many do not see instructions in guild chat or the message box there. New people are told but it is hard to remember everything said when first joining a guild. With the removal of ‘Activity’ from guild options it is difficult to know who is not following instructions.



I wish that everyone donated into a guild bank and then the guild leader or authorized members could pay for tasks with the guild funds


That’s borderline dictatorish.

You have a chat function, if members refuse to communicate then kick them. If their Contribution is too good to kick, then deal with their lack of communication.

Kicking people at your whim sounds pretty borderline dictatorish to me as well :stuck_out_tongue:


So if you have a member that isn’t following the game plan, not communicating with the group, what other options are there?

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okay, with that logic just having a guild leader who can kick people is borderline dictatorship. Everyone should just be able to be in a guild and not have the pressure of being kicked and have to worry about displeasing the leader! And that’s like saying it’s wrong for guild leaders to say where they want the gold to go… But it’s been like that for a long time. High ranking guild members should be able to dictate where the gold is going.

It’s perks of making your own guild. And the second ranking officials could spend it too.

And on top of that with the removal of the activity log you don’t know who puts gold into what so you can’t just kick them.

At the very least you should be able to see some kind of message on the task screen that shows what the guild is focusing on so there’s no excuse about chat.

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On the guild roster page there is a sort button in the top left corner. You can sort your members by “Last Activity”. That should help you keep track of what your members are doing.

How entitled are you guys, who think a Guild Leader can’t kick who they want? You pull your weight, you communicate with your Guild and you listen to instructions. If you can’t then you need to move on to a casual Guild.

Get over yourselves, honestly.

That’s a sort of log in only. The only way we can tell who contributed to what now is if a member completes a task and no other member completes one after before we check our mail. The name of the member is given if he or she is the only one who has completed a task. Otherwise, zilch. There’s no good way to monitor contributions right now, and that banner announcement is not really up to the job of accommodating announcements over one sentence or so.