Guild Management

It would be nice to have a little more guild management controls.

For example, you can currently see how much gold, trophies, etc. a player has contributed, but more in-depth tracking would be nice.

For example, for guilds that have a task order set, it would be nice to see a break down whos is contributing where so when people are contributing to the wrong tasks they can be informed to follow the correct order.

For Invasion, Boss and Guild Wars, it would be nice to see how many attempts players have made so those that are stuggling, but not willing to ask for help/advice those that have advice can offer it via in-game chat or discord (for those using it) discussions.

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PLEASE give us more Guild Management. One BIG item for many of the leaders I speak to is controlling which Task can be donated to.

Also it would be nice to be able to give other ranks some extra ability if we so choose - ie the ability to give task management and kick.

For donations and a few other activities, go to the bottom of the screen menu:

Guild > Guild (Manage Tasks & Seals) > Guild Activity (the green button at the bottom of the screen.)

You will then be taken to this menu, with a filter at the bottom:

Select the filter:

Among the options in “Activity Type”, there is “Tasks”, which will show where the Gold Donations were done, per player.