GUILD - Roster improvement

Please add in guild roster separate filters to show gold contibution of all members towards only a chosen color.

i recently moved to less advanced guild and i see how much more necessary it is then i thought so.

basically guild members can ignore whole guild strategy donating their gold to some useless task that the leadership did not plan, obviously not following guild rules and making guild struggle to finish a 12 levels of the wanted color in the first place. having such ignorant as a member - leader cannot do anything - as nobody will ever admit to it!

please give leaders the tools necessary to at least check are members meeting the requirements and following the rules.

If you dont have the colors-donation flow saved in database then some kind of “entry” list similiar to previous roster could still work, showing a flow of “player-a donated x-gold to y-color” without the time frame, i think that wouldnt violate player privacy rights?

either way something needs to be done.


We dont even see who conpleted quests anymore :confused:


I agree 100%

Agreed. I can’t fathom the reason behind dropping one of the most useful tools as guild log. GMs need to know who’s donating to what. The error that shows the recipient of the task award as the one completing it really complicates the issue.

I agree. The issue I ran into was a language barrier. It’s hard to make sure everyone is following a set plan for contributions when they don’t understand the language. And then not being able to tell which person was responsible so I could make sure they understood just made it a frustration inducing event for the rest of the guild who were following the plan.

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I am guessing that was a deliberate move on the part of the devs so you can’t see who completed a task. Since it has been happening for several weeks now and there has been no indication that it will be corrected.
Just me speculating here.

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Jeez I hope not. That would be pretty crappy. Why was there such a push to have 300+ troops? As most were rehash of old troops and not very desirable at that. Just like the revision was supposed to give a break from Valk. Well it certainly didn’t. Events helped for the first few weeks but I’m seeing less and less teams put up to help others get snotstones. Maybe it’s me but it’s feeling a little down hill.


I agree. Last few troops not that exciting. Definitely less teams in pvp supporting event. Does seem a little down hill.

They dropped it because of Sony/Microsoft privacy concerns about seeing a log of other players’ actions linked to a timestamp, as far as I know. They might be figuring out ways to get around this for a future patch. I agree it is sorely missed.

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Thanks for the info.
Ok then drop the timestamp which I don’t remember there being. But by the time I would have started paying real attention to the log, starting my own guild, it was gone. There’s enough activity that I’m not going to mistake a log entry for a previous week.