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Guild Task Lock

I ask you to give the opportunity to determine the sequence of completion by the players of the guild of tasks. Do not recommend performing the necessary tasks, but block unnecessary ones. Not everyone reads a game chat (this is bad). Not everyone understands the language.


usefull with new garbage tasks !


+1000 to this

It is hell on guild management to have to constantly monitor guild activity because someone donated to the wrong epic task.


We are not that active that we are already at the epic tasks and we dont want to lose the guild boost. So please do something that we can lock all other tasks until the tasks we want to have finished or that all that are not at the highest priority (next higher priority when the highest is done) are locked and no one can donate to them.


Herding cats. Do you guys think people don’t know where they are supposed to donate (in guilds that previously completed all tasks, this is a new thing) or do they know but just go “nope, don’t care, I’m putting money where I want”?

I will vote for anything that lets me focus my cats to do what I need them to. We saved gold last week to get some stat bonuses this week, so of course we’re currently sitting at all epic tasks at 3/12 or so :crazy_face:


In my guild’s case, I think it is purely accidental since we used to complete all tasks on Monday so no one had to care about order. It takes time for people to get used to a new routine. That’s why a guild task lock would be useful.


100% needed as an option per guild, IMO.

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Making it so the sparkling task is the only one that can be donated to would be great, just a check box to lock the guild tasks so that only the priority one is available for donation that way the guild can choose to lock all other tasks that are not priority or not.


Agree 100% with the need to have the ability to prevent guild members from donating to the tasks that are not the current priority as set in the Guild Admin task priority screen.

I think it could be done easily with a “Lock Non-Priority Tasks” flag.

  • If flag = checked - guild members can donate only to the current priority task(s) [the sparkly ones]
  • If flag = unchecked - all tasks remain open for donation regardless of priority set

Yes!!! This should have been put in from the beginning honestly. I don’t understand why it’s not already. GL should be able to control this

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Even better would be an option to lock tasks at certain level, for example, make E12 unavailable - people can freely donate to E1-11, but to E12 only after somebody with sufficient guild rights has unlocked it.

+1 to this idea, an opportunity to add something we want.

I just made this thread a couple days ago…

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This is really good idea. Please release it. I need it too!! Every time people try to close first level, when we need to close one task to the end.

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Developers, do what you are asked for in this thread. We really need this.

Be patient, they need to wait for 505 to decide how to monetize it first.



i Would like mostly “lock events rewards”
that way who does 0 points cant collect rewards from events.

Unless I’m mistaken this is to some degree already true for raids.

Dear developers, I understand that game monetization is very important, but can we also think about what players need?